Italy Bike Tours

Italy is pedaling paradise playground for both the avid and more pleasure-seeking cyclist and is considered one of the world’s most heavenly cycling destinations. Why? Biking in Italy has everything any cyclist craves. Biking in Italy offers: a vast network of quiet roads through gorgeous and varied landscapes that literally zigzags through the history of Western Civilization, a modern culture that is rich in cycling history and considers cyclists heroes, a diverse and well-oiled traveler infrastructure and finally a country that knows how to please the most important cyclist need–their pedaling appetite. Italians share the bicyclist’s credo: Live to eat and eat to live!

Any bike tour in Italy you choose will offer unique landscapes, dialects, and culinary traditions. Cycling in Italy appeals to the essential pedaling desires: mountain landscapes in the Alpine valleys; surprisingly flat roads through Apennine pastures and rice fields along the Po river; an endless series of beaches and rocky shores along the seaside, famous art towns with their historical and architectural heritage; not to mention countless archeological sites and beautiful ancient villages atop hills and mountains.

As the Italy bicycle tour specialists since 1989, Ciclismo Classico has MORE unique Italian bicycling itineraries in MORE Italian regions than anyone! Furthermore, we have many Italy bicycle tours in our repertoire so if you do not see what you are looking for,  just ask! We have either done it before or would love to create a unique Italian Bicycle Tour itinerary just for you.

Our Italian Bicycle Tours, region by region

Northern Italy Bike Tours

Epic Italy, Venice Con Gusto, Munich to Verona, Piedmont: The Land of Barolo and Truffles, Majestic Dolomites, Cinque Terre and Tuscany, Verona to Salzburg, Sud Tyrol Roll, Fruili and Slovenia

Central Italy Bike Tours (Umbria, Le Marche, Lazio)

Bike Across Italy, A Feast in Umbria, Via Francigena; Lucca to Rome, Epic Italy 

Tuscany Bike Tours

Where Ciclismo Classico was born!

Assaggio Toscana, Via Francigena: Lucca to Rome, Tuscany and Elba, Heart of Tuscany, Tuscany Green, Tuscany and L’Eroica, Tuscan Fantasy,  Epic Italy 

Southern Italy

Epic Italy, Bike Across Southern Italy, La Bella Puglia, Southern Amalfi

The Islands

La Bella Sicilia, Mediterranean Island Hopping, Tuscany and Elba, Savor Sardinia

Essence of Italy

  • The country is covered in mountainous terrain and coastal areas: amazing scenery
  • Healthy, fresh Mediterranean, abundant food – the perfect diet for cyclists
  • Hilltop towns and small villages that echo a fascinating, historical past
  • The perfect roads for all levels of cycling in Italy

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Italian Culture

Italian culture is steeped in the arts, family, architecture, music, and food. Home of the Roman Empire and a major center of the Renaissance, culture on the Italian peninsula has flourished for centuries. Italy is very diverse, but one of its most peculiar characteristics is the fact that every city, even in the most little, is full of things all concentrated together in a very small space. One finds themselves surrounded by historical buildings, churches, statues, ruins, pieces of marble, shops, bars, bakeries, cars, all stuffed in a few square feet. It’s a very intense, sensory experience.

Italian Food & Wine

For Italians, food isn’t just nourishment, it is life. Family gatherings are frequent and often centered around food and the extended networks of families. Wine residues were found on a large ceramic jar that was stored nearly 6,000 years ago in the caverns of a cult site known as Monte Kronio in Sicily.

Landscape of Italy

There are Alpine peaks and hills that face the sea. Villages perched on mountains. There are plains where corn and wheat, sunflowers and vegetables are grown, there are rivers and lakes, terraces built along the sides of the hills where fruit plants, olive trees or vines are grown.

Best Time to Visit Italy

April through November

What to Bring on Tour

On the Bike:

  • 2-3 pairs of cycling shorts with chamois lining
  • Chamois cream
  • 2-3 brightly colored bicycle jerseys (one will be provided by us)
  • Cycling gloves
  • Cycling shoes and pedals (if you use them)
  • Sunglasses
  • Waterproof wind breaker or rain jacket
  • Light weight jacket or vest
  • Bicycle helmet
  • Day pack/hip pack
  • Arm and leg warmers
  • Saddle (optional)

Off the Bike:

  • 2-3 interchangeable evening outfits – our style is very casual and comfortable; jacket and tie not necessary
    • We occasionally have a more formal evening, feel free to bring something for that occasion
  • 1-2 lightweight sweaters
  • 1-2 pairs of shorts or slacks
  • Intimate clothing/sleepwear
  • Comfortable walking shoes for evenings in town

For Alpine Tours:

Pack warmer clothing (layers), waterproof gear, warm gloves and hat

Personal Supplies:

  • Passport and photocopies of your passport
  • Wallet/Airline ticket/e-ticket information
  • Camera and camera charger
  • Cell phone
  • Electrical adapter and adapter plug
  • Toiletries
  • Prescriptions or other medications
  • Bathing suit and sunscreen
  • Cash for guide gratuity and meals on own
  • Cash for wine kitty (optional)

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