Pedaling Paparazzi

Become a Ciclismo Photographer

We know our Ciclismo Classico guests have the most discerning eyes when it comes to a capturing pure bliss, delectable meals, and the gioia di vivere of our tours. We invite past and current guests to submit digital photographs of their Ciclismo tours for our annual photo contest!

Each year we select five Grand Prize winners for the photo contest: 1st place wins $2,000 in trip credit, 2nd and 3rd place wins $1,000 in trip credit, and 4th-5th place wins $500 in trip credit. Credit is applicable to any Ciclismo Classico trip of your choosing and will never expire.

In addition to the five Grand Prize winners, Ciclismo Classico may choose to use additional photo contest entries in our annual brochure or on our website at any time during the year. Photographers will be reimbursed $250 in trip credit by Ciclismo Classico for all future use of that image. Trip credit is applicable to any Ciclismo Classico trip and will never expire.

Photographs must comply to our standards of digital quality

Man in Patagonia, Chile herding sheep
Couple and boat tour guide taking a rest break in Amalfi

Everything You Need to Know to Submit!

  1. Each guest may submit a maximum of 25 photos per tour, so make sure to only choose your favorites!
  2. There is no limit to the number of tours that you can submit, including past tours
  3. Photos must be submitted as JPEG or PNG format
  4. Submissions will only be reviewed if they have the following information
    1. Your contact information
    2. The name of the tour
    3. The date of the tour
      1. Optional: If you can provide the day of the tour as well, that information will help us keep track of where the images are taken!
  5. Submit to
    1. Don’t forget to include any other information that will help us to appreciate your images even more!

Some Ideas for Capturing Unique Moments!

  • High-definition: Photography is shot and saved at its highest quality with little to no compression
  • Wide landscape shots that capture the essence of the region (with riders, or stand alone)
  • Action shots of your guides and fellow riders
  • Behind the scenes shots (food prep, clinics, interactions between guides and guests off-bike)
  • Candid shots (catching guests and guides while they are unaware of the camera, in their natural habitat)
  • Group shots with everyone in their Ciclismo jerseys!
  • Shots that encapsulate the cultural experiences outside biking (musical guests, cooking lessons, beverages at the local cafe or bistro)