Bike Tours for First-Time Active Travelers

You’ve ridden on your local bike path — now its time to take over the world! Welcome to Bicycle Touring 101.  These relatively easy trips are light on pedaling, heavy on sightseeing and a great appetizer for our full menu of tours.  Looking for an easy pace? Our easy and athletic beginner tours are perfect for the culturally curious cycling newbie who enjoys being active, or anyone who loves to ride but just wants to take it easy.

On these trips, you’ll pedal at a meandering pace, stop to take pictures, learn about the local history, savor a leisurely lunch or just explore all there is to see and do along the way. Peace of Mind Guaranteed.  Enjoy quiet roads along flat and rolling terrain zigzagging through vineyards, olive groves and farmland.  Wondering what tour best fits your interests, ability, and passions? Our team of experts knows how to matchmake you to the perfect trip, so please give us a call!

  • Average daily distance: 18–35 miles
  • Terrain: Flat and rolling
  • Plentiful breaks for cappuccino, gelato, photo ops and enjoying the amazing views (required!)
  • Remember E-bikes are your friend!

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