Ciclismo Classics

We recommend starting with our Ciclismo Classics, the innovations and creations that have secured our reputation as one of the most beloved bike tour operators in the world.  We have been running many of these Ciclismo originals for over 20 years. We invented and were the first company to offer Bike Across Southern Italy, Tuscany and the Enchanting Island of Elba, Land of Barolo and Truffles, Savor Sardinia,  Mediterranean Island Hopping, La Bella Sicilia, La Bella Puglia, and many award-winning others.  Over the years, we have perfected them in every way– routes, dreamy accommodations, and educational value–and we can’t wait to be your passionate pedaling host.

As an added bonus, often times, the same guides have led these Ciclismo Classics dozens of times. What does that mean? It means these guides know every twist, turn, local winemaker, chef and where to find the best gelato. They take you behind the scenes of local festivals and arrange private dinners, exclusive city visits and so much more.  These are the tours that we love and that guests keep coming back to year after year and often experience more than once.

Peace of Mind Guaranteed. Bike Tours do not get any better than our Ciclismo Classic Collection.

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Ciclismo Your Way

Don’t see what you’re looking for among any of our existing itineraries? We can create a trip just for you!