Ciclismo Classico was born on a bicycle in Italy, so cycling and the Italian spirit is at the heart and soul of every tour we create.  Unlike any other form of travel, exploring the world by bicycle engages you with the environment, allowing you to slow down and view your surroundings from a different perspective.  What makes a bicycle tour really hum? Is it that feeling of the wind at your back even when it isn’t? (yes!) Of conquering greater heights than you ever imagined? ( Yes! ) How about sweeping silently through vistas wider than this website can possibly show and fueled by heaping servings of gelato, tasty antipasto and focaccia fresh out of the oven (Yes! Yes! Yes).
At Ciclismo Classico, we use the bike to create a magical connection between you, the landscape and the culture. We don’t just hand you a map and a bike– we are itinerary masters who set the stage, create opportunities for you to engage with the local culture and work hard to provide an extraordinary once in a lifetime bicycle experience. We take this Ciclismo difference, born and perfected in Italy, wherever we ride! Andiamo!
How do we come up with dreamy rides every year?  We travel extensively, we do our research, we constantly connect with world travelers but most importantly every year we survey thousands of guests, guides, and fans and ask questions like, “Where do you dream of riding? What’s on your bucket list? What are your favorite travel experiences?”

We have over 35 cycling itineraries across Italy and Europe for you to enjoy and many more up our sleeves. If you have a dreamy route in mind that you do not see, our Ciclismo Classico tour designers in Italy and across Europe will craft the perfect bicycling tour for you and your friends.  You can even make one of our trips private, just for you and your traveling companions on one of our Ciclismo Your Way Bicycle Tours

Quite simply, the bicycle is a time machine taking everyone who climbs on back to a ten-year-old self who believed in speed and the gorgeous savage inside. But like all time machines, it’s not just the when of the matter that’s important but also the where.”  Joe “Metal Cowboy” Kurmaskie

You’ll have an experience no matter where you roll, since the bicycle makes you a traveler rather than a tourist but with limited time, why not hedge your bets and travel with the best, a company that for 30 years is considered THE Bicycle Travel Pioneers.


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