Become a Ciclismo Ambassador

Whether you have taken one or twenty trips with Ciclismo we honor your trust, support and years of loyalty. Our Club Ciclismo Alumni Program offers you many ways to save and keep the Ciclismo Magic alive. Grazie Mille!

Annual Alumni Savings

  1. Annual Alumni Savings Through Thanksgiving, you can enjoy generous savings on your next Ciclismo Classico tour
  2. Refer a Friend or Family Member and if they sign up we’ll give you $250 in Ciclismo trip credit
  3. Reserve your next Ciclismo Classico Trip within 10 Days of your most recent one and save $250
  4. Take two tours in one year, your second trip is 10% off

Become an Active Ambassador: Share the Ciclismo Magic and Earn Credits towards Your Next Trip

We know our guests love to share the Ciclismo passion, that’s why 60% of our guests are repeat or referrals. Many of our guests want to more involved with promoting the Ciclismo Classico experience so we have created many ways to be involved (and are always open to new ideas).

  1. Make New Biking Buddies by starting your own Club Ciclismo Meetup riding group. Enjoy $500 trip credit for becoming a Ciclismo Classico Meet UP Leader
  2. Host a Rock the Pasta dinner with friends and enjoy $750 credit off your next trip
  3. Volunteer at a Ciclismo sponsored Farm to Fork event. You ride in the event free too!
  4. Run a Ciclismo booth at a Cycling event and enjoy $350 credit your next trip
  5. Host our annual Bicycle Travel Film Festival and go on a Ciclismo Tour for Free
  6. Host a Ciclismo event at your place of work and enjoy $350 off your next trip
  7. Are you a Peloton Rider? Gather your Peloton tribe for a European Trip and you travel FREE

If you like organizing events and throwing parties, then Hosting a Club Ciclismo event is simple and fun for all. Just decide what type of event you want to host, contact Ciclismo Director Lauren Hefferon ( and she will tell you more and give you the tools to make it facilisimo (super easy)!

For every Club Ciclismo event you host, you’ll earn travel credits to help you get back on the road with Ciclismo again. Accumulate enough credits and you could even travel free!

The great thing about Club Ciclismo Alumni events is that they reflect the passions and personalities of the chapter ambassador and group members. So just use your imagination. The sky’s the limit!