Rock the Pasta

Orecchiette, cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, and ricotta salata… very few ingredients that result in one amazing dish.

Do you find your mind wandering on the dark winter nights of your Ciclismo Classico tour? Do you wish you could go again with your closest friends in tow? Rock the Pasta was born of a very simple idea. When it’s a cold winter night, you’re leaving the office after dark, and you’re exhausted after a day of boring meetings and putting out fires… what is the one thing you want most? A good meal, preferably cooked by someone else. Our guides will cook an amazing Italian meal for you and your closest friends as a chance to remind you and show them how transformational a Ciclismo Classico tour can be!

Grocery shopping for Rock the Pasta
Ciclismo guests enjoying dinner at Rock the Pasta event

Rock the Pasta reminds you that just like our signature pasta recipe, our tours combine the simple ingredients of friends, a passion for bike touring, a love of travel, our expert guides, and lots of fun to create the perfect tour. As you pour yourself a glass wine, all of the stress of your day will dissipate and you’ll be enveloped with positive energy, delicious smelling food, smiling guests, and guides sharing their amazing tour stories.

Ciclismo guests enjoying wine at Rock the Pasta event

This is the Ciclismo Classico approach to life. The essence of our tours is friends who love to share their passion for traveling and biking, guides who love to help you and show you their home countries, and magic moments that become unforgettable memories. This special night will give you the opportunity to remember how wonderful our tour experiences are, and how even more enjoyable it can be with friends.

Rock the Pasta night out
Ciclismo van

Any Ciclismo Alumni can host a party, so let us know if you want to have one of these very special events to share Ciclismo with your friends! Just email us and let’s Rock the Pasta!