Hiking & Walking

We don’t just delight in spinning from place to place, we also love to follow a slower rhythm and stroll along medieval roads, ancient paths and tiny trails far far away from the crowds. On our hikes and walks, we enter a world of peaceful, timeless landscapes filled with natural beauty, wildlife and the people connected to the landscape that the Italians call Terra Mia (my earth).

Around every twist in the trail we are always met by unexpected pleasantries: winemakers pruning their vines, friendly shepherds, acres of blackberry bushes, fields of scarlet red poppies, wild boar tracks or a truffle hunter scouring the ground with his skilled truffle dog. Each of our walks presents a delightful mix of landscapes—forests, farmland, rocky trails and strade bianche, gravel roads that leads to charming villages: a perfect way to escape the modern world and fill your lungs and soul with the breath of a different life.

Expert Partners

For our European Hikes and Walks, Ciclismo Classico is proud to partner with Customwalks, a specialist in hiking & walking tours for over 25 years.

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