Umbria Bike Tours

​A close neighbor of Tuscany’s – Umbria is Italy’s big, open green heart steeped in history. Removed from outside influences, Umbria has kept alive many of Italy’s old-world traditions. It’s a bit of a land unto itself, the only Italian region that borders neither the sea nor another country. Umbria is the slow food, slow travel capital of Italy. It is the Italophile’s Italy, the green heart that rolls up its sleeves and gets to work with remaining authentically Italian.

Essence of Umbria

  • Old world festivals and pageantry
  • Stunning villages including the pilgrim’s favorite Assisi and other towns like Spello and Gubbio
  • A rich, earthy cuisine rooted in expert butchery, essentials like beans and locally grown vegetables, local pastas and breads
  • Lesser known but valid wines including Montefalco Sagrantino, Torgiano Rosso and Orvieto DOC

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Etruscans, Romans and medieval feuding families have left their indelible imprint on Umbria’s gorgeous hill-towns, where history seems to creep up on you at every corner; from the Gothic wonder of Orvieto to Assisi’s saintly calling. Unique festivals such as the medieval Mercato delle Gaite in the tiny village of Bevagna are unique to this place — calling all locals to step back into time in re-enactments of period markets, celebrations and battles.

Food & Wine

From the talented butchers of Norcia (who live, eat and breathe their salumi craft) to traditional pastas and soups, the Umbrian cuisine warms the heart and soul with it’s pure dedication to territory. The Sagrantino grape and wine is Umbria’s pride and joy. The rich earthiness of the tartufo (truffle) and tiny lentils from Castelluccio find their way to most local menus. This is back to the basics food. Hearty and healthy!


Separated from Le Marche by the jagged spine of the Monti Sibillini, it contrasts wild, in-your-face beauty with the gentle fall and rise of overlapping hills and wildflower-flecked meadows. The Via Francesco cuts right through the region as the nature lover St. Francis himself roamed about admiring this beautiful region.

Best Time to Visit

End of April through the end of October.

What to Bring on Tour

On the Bike:

  • 2-3 pairs of cycling shorts with chamois lining
  • Chamois cream
  • 2-3 brightly colored bicycle jerseys (one will be provided by us)
  • Cycling gloves
  • Cycling shoes and pedals (if you use them)
  • Sunglasses
  • Waterproof wind breaker or rain jacket
  • Light weight jacket or vest
  • Bicycle helmet
  • Day pack/hip pack
  • Arm and leg warmers
  • Saddle (optional)

Off the Bike:

  • 2-3 interchangeable evening outfits – our style is very casual and comfortable; jacket and tie not necessary
    • We occasionally have a more formal evening, feel free to bring something for that occasion
  • 1-2 lightweight sweaters
  • 1-2 pairs of shorts or slacks
  • Intimate clothing/sleepwear
  • Comfortable walking shoes for evenings in town

For Alpine Tours:

Pack warmer clothing (layers), waterproof gear, warm gloves and hat

Personal Supplies:

  • Passport and photocopies of your passport
  • Wallet
  • Airline ticket/e-ticket information
  • Camera and camera charger
  • Cell phone
  • Electrical adapter and adapter plug
  • Toiletries
  • Prescriptions or other medications
  • Bathing suit and sunscreen
  • Cash for guide gratuity and meals on own
  • Cash for wine kitty (optional)

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