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How to Choose Your Next Ciclismo Classico Bicycle Trip: Ability Levels
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October 06, 2019

How to Choose Your Next Ciclismo Classico Bicycle Trip: Ability Levels

It isn’t easy deciding which bicycle tour you should do if you don’t know your ability level.

Ciclismo Classico prides itself on creating itineraries that are just the right level of challenging for the people who sign-on to enjoy them.

But what are the criteria of our ability levels?

Here is a general breakdown of what you can expect to find on each of our Ciclismo Classico bike trips broken down by ability level.

And remember: each ability level gets even easier if you rent one of our Bianchi Manhattan eBikes. So read on!

Beginner Bike Tours

Ciclismo Classico’s selection of beginner bicycle tours is a fantastic way to get yourself started on bicycle vacations.

These trips are designed with newcomers in mind. So if you walk a lot or are just getting back on the bike after years away from the two-wheeler, these are the destinations for you.

These primarily flat distances (ok, maybe some moderate rises here and there) have on average 18-35 miles a day along quiet roads. The lunches are unique and savory and there is plenty of time to shoot the day away in a vineyard or an olive grove.

Beginner trips are also fantastic for families, where the ability levels may vary greatly. Thus, where some of your family may like the easy and short route back to the pool, extra mileage options will keep the adventure seekers in the family very happy.

The La Bella Puglia Mini is a splendid introductory tour for entry-level and avid cyclists who want to eat like Italian kings and experience Italy’s perfectly picturesque south.

If it is a family itinerary you’re looking for, consider breathtaking Sud Tyrol Roll.

Looking for more? Search all of our beginner offerings here.

Athletic Beginner Bike Trips

Our Athletic Beginner guests would never define themselves as “hardcore” cyclists. Yet this is the perfect medium between our entry-level trips and bike routes which are considerably more challenging. These folks enjoy biking and traveling on two wheels, but they aren’t in a rush to get anywhere too fast!

These athletic individuals enjoy exercising regularly. Many are involved in the gym with bi-weekly pilates classes or swimming. The pace on these Athletic Beginner trips is calm and flowing, allowing plenty of time to indulge in the local specialties. These slower-paced trips plenty of time to stroll around the piazza for a second coffee.

Or a third cappuccino.

The terrain is typically more rolling with occasional hills and the options of higher mileage for those interested. Consider you’ll often bike anywhere from 35-45 miles on gently challenging terrain.

Ciclismo Classico has a vast selection of Athletic Beginner trips in various parts of Europe. Some of our most noteworthy are our new Bike Across the Netherlands for 2022. Or maybe you’re more interested in Tuscany and would like to dip your toes in our Taste of Tuscany or experience the soft lavender hills of Peter Mayle’s novel in our Divine Provence departure.

Intermediate Bike Trips

As an intermediate cyclist, you can expect to cycle approximately 40-50 miles a day. Most of our intermediate trips have a rest day (or two) baked into the recipe. This way you get to rest those legs, and maybe sneak in a massage while you’re at it!

Different than our advanced beginner trips, an intermediate cyclist will have the opportunity to push themselves a little more, with long climbs and maybe steeper ascents (small sections of 10% for example). But with longer ascents come thrilling descents and magnificent views.

How do you consider yourself an intermediate cyclist? Most of our intermediates can ride an average pace of 10-16 mph. They are people who are active every week and prefer biking to most other physical activities. They have the endurance to enjoy a full day on the bicycle (from about 9 am to around 3:30 pm).

Our most popular Intermediate tours are our quintessential Bike Across Italy (our flagship trip), Piedmont Barolo & Truffles, La Bella Sicilia, Munich to Verona, Costa Brava, Bike Across France, Andalucia, Croatia’s Dalmatians Coast, and many, many others.

Advanced Bike Trips

This series of trips are for expert cyclists. We are often biking long uphill distances and descending mountain passes on two wheels. These advanced travelers have no problem on these roads.

Consider our advanced tour offerings for cyclists using Peloton or Wahoo in the off-season to get themselves ready for the Spring granfondos. Or maybe they cyclocross, or mountain bike, or participate in spin classes all year-round.

Therefore, these trips are for people who spend almost more time on their bicycles than they do in the office.

Some of our guests will ride 100+ miles per week – at home! Fit and fast!

You can count on a trip like this to be the most challenging offering the European Alps can offer. Each day is packed with 50+ miles of intense physical activity.

However, don’t be fooled by the horizontal distances.

Some days will top out at 8,000ft of vertical climbing.

That’s a lot of uphill with unparalleled views of the mountain tops.

Luckily, Ciclismo Classico has been running these expert destinations for over 30 years. Amazing destinations like the Majestic Dolomites are professionally supported by our fantastic guide team. The Classic Journey of the Greek Peloponnese  let’s you explore the most spectacular part of Greece, and Bike Across Southern Italy give you fantastic adventures as you cycle through Italy’s heal to toe.

But if you’re looking for more adventure, be sure to check out all of our advanced departures.

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