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5 of our Favorite Spring Bike Tours in Italy!
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October 23, 2023

5 of our Favorite Spring Bike Tours in Italy!

If you enjoy perfect temperatures, longer days and stunning spins into a sea of colors and scents, then Springtime cycling in Italy is not to be missed. 

Zig zagging through fields of wheat, lavender, poppies, buttercups, thistle and clover, the exploding colors will not only brighten (and perfume) your ride, they will make your soul sing. 

Pair the blooming of succulent reds, purple, yellow, and bright green wheat against the white-washed village of Ostuni on La Bella Puglia bike tour, the ancient cobblestone of the Via Francigena in Central Italy, alongside the brilliant costumes of the Ceri Festival on our Bike Across Italy, or the bright blue Mediterranean on Bike Across Sicily or A Taste of Amalfi bike tours, and you have FIVE great reasons to take a bike tour with Ciclismo Classico this spring!

Here are 5 Spring Tours in Italy that will awaken all your senses!

Pedal an Ancient Pilgrimage Route

Go back in time and bike the legendary Via Francigena. This ancient pilgrimage route, once walked by merchants, clergy, soldiers, and pilgrims, is now our biking playground! Starting in the picturesque city of Lucca and ending 301 miles later in Rome, you’ll pedal through history on a mix of remote roads, paved paths, and unpaved gravel roads. Spring 2024 Tour: April 23-May 2.  Explore Via Francigena

Cycle Across the Ancient Landscapes of Sicily

Explore Sicily’s secret and magical corners like never before! Sicily’s picturesque coastline, historic and soulful stone villages, hearty pasta dishes, and layers of ancient history make it a perfectly magical cycling destination. Bike Across Sicily on this Ciclismo Exclusive and spend eleven glorious days pedaling through the centuries discovering vast landscapes and roads less travelled. Spring 2024 tours: April 20-30, May 18-28. Explore Bike Across Sicily.

Explore Italy’s Cultural Soul

Pedal Coast to Coast on this award-winning tour that winds it’s way through picturesque hilltop towns!  On our May departure, join guide Marcello Bonini and the locals celebrating the renowned Festa dei Ceri (Race of the Candles) in Gubbio. You’ll be transported to the Middle Ages as you experience the entire town celebrating their annual event in full costume and authentic fanfare. This exciting event adds a bucket list moment to our Bike Across Italy tour. Spring 2024 Tours: May 11-21 (CERI Festival), May 23-June 2, June 4-14. Explore Bike Across Italy

Browse our top photos from this tour.  

Ostuni in Puglia, Italy

Uncover the rustic charms of Southern Italy

The beautiful region of Puglia in Southeastern Italy is known for its rich history, post-card worthy views, and its food and wine.  Pedal your Passion on La Bella Puglia, an unforgettable bike trip and uncover the rustic charms of Italy’s southern region. Spring 2024 Tours: May 4-12, May 25-June 2, June 4-12. Explore La Bella Puglia.

Spin and Soar along Italy’s Most Beloved Coastline

Set almost entirely within the boundaries of The National Park of Cilento, located south of the Amalfi Coast, A Taste of Amalfi encapsulates the natural serenity of Cilento. Discover the rich history of ancient inland villages and take in breathtaking views from coastal rides overlooking crystal-blue waters.  Spring 2024 Tours: May 12-17, June 15-20.  Explore A Taste of Amalfi.


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