Belgium Bike Tours

Bicycling Magazine ​says we have the coolest bike tours in Belgium. We couldn’t agree more.​​ Whether cycling across Belgium or to the Netherlands by bike, a trip that includes this great country is not to be missed by any cycling aficionado. Cycling is the national sport in Belgium and the local spirit around the sport is truly felt by any visiting cyclist. Not to mention the miles of bicycle paths that zigzag along romantic canals and wind their way between quaint towns, charming castles, outdoor cafés and incredible top-notch restaurants. Belgium covers it all. And the beer? Say no more!

Essence of Belgium

  • Visit Bruges, often compared to Venice for its canals
  • See Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands by bike–a unique experience
  • Pedal some of the muren (walls) featured on the Tour of Flanders, one of the most charming pro-cycling races in the world
  • Tour the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Leuven
  • Visit the old historical brewery Het Anker, complete with a tasting

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Belgium Culture

A fascinating aspect of travel in Belgium is that there is no one national identity. The three predominant cultures are in the North, the Flanders – primarily Dutch; in the south, Wallonia – primarily French; and in the northeast – primarily German influenced. Related to cycling, there is perhaps nowhere in the world more naturally aligned with the bicycle than Belgium. As one of the first countries to embrace the bike, Belgium has been a pioneer in developing it as both a popular pursuit and a professional sport. It has amazing and varied cycling routes, the most competitive one-day races in the world, and some of the most passionate fans. Belgium boasts some amazing cyclists including the greatest of all time, Eddy Merckx. Cycling has always been one of Belgium’s most popular sports and a victorious one at that!

Belgium Food & Wine

In Belgium, the beer culture is at a level of refinement, depth, and complexity that easily rivals any renowned wine region. There are 1,100+ beers brewed in Belgium. In addition to six Trappist ales and other abbey beers, the country churns out lagers such as Stella Artois and Jupiler. Beyond these wonderful beers, we’ll indulge in waffles, a Trappist and abbey cheese tasting, Flemish stew tastings, and of course chocolate tastings. We also enjoy great local dishes such as mussels and french fries at places like Oudenaarde where we dine in a 16th century cellar. Imagine a big pot of steaming authentic North Sea mussels served with fresh original Belgian fries!

Belgium Landscape

Rolling hills, forested valleys and some mountainous terrain.

Best Time to Visit Belgium

May through the end of October.

What to Bring on Tour

  • Layered clothing for changes in altitude
  • Cycling vests, and windbreakers
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Arm warmers and other gear for cooler summits and descents

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