Isacco Colombo

Isacco Columbo

Passionate about cycling, Isacco Colombo rides more than 6,000 miles every year for training, racing, mobility, and fun. He discovered cycling as a child and participated in his first BMX races as a young boy. He has been touring and racing on road bikes since his mid-teens and now still participates in intensive mountain bike and cyclocross racing.

Isacco has been with Ciclismo Classico since 2007 and loves meeting new people and sharing his passion with Ciclismo travelers. His goal is for all his guests to return home with improved riding skills and a new – or renewed – love of cycling. He designed our Outside Magazine award-winning tour Bike Across Belgium, and impresses all with his fluency in Flemish.

In his parallel life, Isacco is a freelance musician specializing in medieval and Renaissance music. A graduate of the music conservatories in Piacenza, Italy, and Basel, Switzerland, he performs throughout Europe and in the United States with several bands. He collaborates with chamber ensembles, choirs, orchestras, dance groups, and theater, including a Minnesota-based vocal ensemble. When the spirit moves him, Isacco has also been known to pull out his instruments and play for guests on his tours.

Born and raised in Legnano near Milan, Isacco lives in his hometown, in a house that used to belong to his great-grandfather, next door to his parents’, grandma’s, sister’s, and uncle’s houses. In his free time, he enjoys cooking and – what else? – cycling.

In Their Own Words

“Traveling by bicycle is the best way to discover the world.”

“My favorite places to cycle are Sardinia and Tuscany on the L’Eroica roads. Among Ciclismo tours, my favorite is Bike Across Belgium and Friuli & Slovenia.”

Charming, witty, wise, and talented, Isacco is a true Renaissance man. Marc, VA
Isacco's attention to detail was exceptional. Jack, Peoria, IL