Austria Bike Tours

It has been said that landscapes influence people and people influence landscapes. Austria’s slogan is “arrive and revive.” When we think of our beloved Austria visions of striking alpine scenery, clean, organized bike paths and beautifully paved climbs immediately come to mind. In this stunning country, there is a deliberate sense of order, balance and visible respect for beauty and nature that the Austrian people express in the way they live their daily lives.

Essence of Austria

  • Pristine nature; quiet cycling roads
  • Challenging mountain passes
  • Fresh, home cooked mountain foods with wonderful yogurt, cheeses, fresh meats, goulash, thick soups, pastries and the best desserts
  • Friendly, kind people with a true love and respect for nature
  • A notable wine scene that has recently gained worldwide recognition

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Austrian Culture

To pedal along the Danube, is to follow in the footsteps of the Habsburgs on a pan-European baroque adventure with magnificent architecture, engaging discoveries and flower-filled, timeless gardens. Vienna, one of Europe’s most live-able cities, sets the bar high with its rich architectural ensembles, including Baroque castles and gardens, grand buildings, monuments and parks.

Austrian Food & Wine

Cycling in Austria–Italy’s fairy-tale alpine neighbor –stimulates all the senses including our taste for the freshest of mountain foods like yoghurt and cheese, wonderful wines and meats all prepared down on the farm–or as we say–”zero kilometers” from our cozy inns. Gorgeous geranium-clad wooden homes nestled into clusters of villages where each little path leads to the town square and church but more importantly the revered bäckerei serving up daily dozens of piping hot varieties like segale (rye) wheat and mixed seed breads. Strudelsachertorte and the local linzertorte await us at every corner. This the Austria we know and love.

Austrian Landscape

We begin each day with fresh morning mist that welcomes you to a place that couldn’t feel more invigorating, inviting, healthy. And with that, there is an almost immediate understanding of the close ties to nature the Austrian people hold. You can feel and nearly taste it in the air.

Austria boast the most beautiful parks, wonderful paved roads leading up and over great mountain passes and a network of wonderful lakes and rivers.

Best Time to Visit Austria

Late May, early June through end of September.

What to Bring on Tour of Austria

  • Layered clothing for changes in altitude
  • Cycling vests, and windbreakers
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Arm warmers and other gear for cooler summits and descents

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