Family Bike Tour Vacations

Looking for time to escape, relax and bond with your family? Do you find that typical family vacations can be more work when all you want to do is play and be active? Traditional family vacations are not only hard work (for the parents) but also can separate everyone doing their own thing.

On our active family vacations (for families of all ages) are the perfect combination of riding, learning, relaxing and fun– that natural and meaningful thrills that last forever–minus the huge crowds and long lines. Our family adventures are typically based out of one or two locations and revolved around a variety of activities for families of all abilities.

How to improve the odds that your kids will engage in healthy and educational activities?  Take them away from their digital comfort zones and share with them your passion for the outdoors through daily bike rides, hiking, swimming, kayaking and abundant feasting.

Rediscover the simple peak pleasures of what it means to be an active family as you are welcomed into our very own “famiglia.”  Remember we are the 30-year bicycle tour itinerary masters and most of our Family Tours are either custom or private so please let us create the active family tour of your dreams. Call our itinerary matchmakers today!

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