The 11th Annual Ciclismo Classico Bike Travel Film Festival

Good news! More amazing bicycle adventures are on tap for Spring 2020!

Greater Boston residents, save the first night of Spring for the 11th Annual Ciclismo Classico Bike Travel Film Festival. On Thursday, March 19th, you can celebrate the start of cycling season at the Regent Theatre in Arlington. We’ll be showing another amazing showcase of worldwide excitement…and all the beloved extras that come along with the show, from cookies to prizes and more!  Tickets are on sale now.

We’re still lining up the dates at our additional locations, but here’s our rough schedule:


March 19th, Regent Theatre, Arlington, MA (First night of spring and 11th edition premiere.) Buy tickets now!

March 21st, Stonewall Farm, Keene, NH

April 16th, Northampton, MA

April TBD: Saratoga Springs, NY

Fall TBD: Berkeley, CA

December TBD, Portland, ME

About the Festival:

The Festival’s mission is to inspire attendees to explore by bicycle. Whether across the globe or a few towns away, nothing recharges and expands horizons like bicycle travel. The Ciclismo Classico Bike Travel Film Festival is the ONLY film festival in the USA that focuses specifically on bicycle travel. The Festival commits itself to sharing a diverse array of journeys: adventure is for everyone.

Note to Filmmakers:

All films must be submitted by January 31, 2020. For more submission guidelines or to submit your film, please see our Film Freeway Page!

Women, minorities, and families are especially encouraged to submit their films.

Host a festival in your hometown!

We’re looking to expand the festival beyond our home and our partners in Western Mass and the North Shore. If you’d like to bring the Ciclismo Classico Bike Travel Film Festival to YOUR hometown, we want to hear from you!

We’ve been inspiring audiences in our home of Arlington, MA, since 2010, and we began our expansion to other communities in 2016. Over the past 4 seasons we’ve learned more about how to provide an excellent experience for our satellite theatres, and we’d love to see if the Festival is a fit for YOU!

Adventure Cycling kids and man

*Photo provided by Adventure Cycling

Who can host a Festival?

Anyone who loves travel, bicycles, or both! So far we’ve had a wide array of hosts. We’ve had bike club leaders raising funds for their organization while providing a great activity for members (what a win-win!), bike shop owners, independent theatre owners, and occasionally people who just love bikes and travel – we have a high-level oncologist who hosts because he wants to work on something 100% joyful!

Where can my festival be?

Most festivals are hosted at local independent theatres – they are wonderful to work with, are an asset to their communities, and have the flexibility to offer non-corporate programming. But – we’ve also screened the festival at bike tours (on an outdoor screen), national park visitor centers, outdoor stores, college facilities, and a hospital auditorium. All that’s required is a high-quality DVD/BluRay projector and a sufficient sound system.

How much can I raise for my organization? How much does it cost to run the Festival?

What you raise for your organization is not just about ticket sales! You are welcome to get sponsorships from local businesses – this is a GREAT way to cover your costs and then some! – hold a raffle or silent auction at the event, or sell food or drink to attendees (check with your theatre host about this). Most groups who are reasonably well-connected can raise at least $1,000 for their charity in the first year. Our Portland, ME, partner raised almost $3,000 in their first screening! Plus, you are providing a memorable evening out that builds on its success in future years.

Ciclismo Classico charges a flat Operations Fee for satellite hosts, and then collects a small percentage of net ticket revenues. We have kept our Operations Fee intentionally low to keep the Festival to grassroots organizations.

In respect to our longtime nonprofit partner Adventure Cycling Association, we request that at least a token donation from the proceeds be made to them.

This all sounds great – but I’m a little nervous. How do you help me set up and market my festival?

Once you fill out the interest form, we’ll get in touch and answer any questions you have. Once we receive your deposit, we’ll add you to our calendar and you’ll receive our Marketing & Support toolkit for the Festival. This includes:

  • Our Operational Manual with our best practices, from working with sponsors to getting publicity and more
  • Poster and flyer templates
  • Sample sponsorship letter
  • Press release template
  • Event program text (includes capsule descriptions of each film)
  • Social media posts
  • Evaluation forms
  • 3 hi-res stills from included films
  • Day of event timeline and event script

Ready to begin? Contact the Festival Director Karin Turer to get a copy of our interest form with more information on bringing the Festival to YOUR town!

Festival Mission

The Festival’s mission is to celebrate all kinds of bicycle travel and to inspire our audiences to hop on a bike and just go!  Whether you ride across the globe or on your local bike path,  there’s nothing that recharges and expands horizons like bicycle travel. The Festival will increase awareness and appreciation for bicycle travel by showcasing independent films that depict the adventure, humor, and personal growth that happens on two-wheeled journeys. We’ve featured films that portray a broad range of experiences and destinations ranging from small African villages to a campground 30 miles from home. We feature the solo bike traveler as well as family reunions on bicycles; an organized tour from inn to inn or a shoestring jaunt with tent and sleeping bag. Ours is the ONLY film festival in the USA that focuses specifically on bicycle travel.

About Ciclismo Classico

The Ciclismo Classico mission is to offer high-quality, educational, and dreamy itineraries that celebrate the diversity of native peoples and their landscapes.  By combining legendary service and rare cultural experiences, the Ciclismo Classico philosophy continues to energize and transform each and every guest.

As a specialized “boutique” tour operator since 1988, Ciclismo Classico provides the most authentic, unique and exciting vacations in the adventure travel industry. Their well-crafted educational trips in Italy, France, Spain, Austria, and New England are active immersions into local art, language, music and delicious cuisine.

About Wheelworks

Wheelworks is pleased to support the Ciclismo Classico Bicycle Travel Film Festival. For over forty years, they’ve been part of New England cycling. They’ve seen and participated in the journey and look forward to where it is going next.

“This film festival exorcised my inner curmudgeon. After 40 years of riding I had become jaded and non-plussed by all things bicycle.  These films were like a defibrillator for my soul. Now I seek epic adventures – be they around my neighborhood or around my planet – to follow the courageous and curious who produce these films.”     Richard Fries, Director, Cycling Experience, Best Buddies Challenge

Stay tuned for more dates and locations!

Lauren Hefferon presenting at an event
Film Festival cookies