Tour Extensions

NEW! La Dolce Vita Ciclismo Learning Extensions

With 30 years of experiencing the best of Italy, it’s only natural that we are experts and have abundant ideas and itineraries in our repertoire.  We know how to share the sweet life of Italy with you while expanding your knowledge of the world’s most beautiful country. Wherever we roll and stroll, its second nature for us to seek out authentic experiences and want to share these experiences with our guests. If you are planning a day or two in Italy before or after your trip with us, why not consider reserving a trip extension with us.  We have a curated collection of unique experiences to choose from like our  3 hour Mangia Bene! Foodie Walking Tours created Tuscan based foodie and culture Guru Carolina Sicbaldi. Carolina has created a series of 1-3 day experiences to the art, culture, open markets, pasta labs, private home cooks, food artisans, Italian street food vendors, botteghe (specialty food shops), enoteche (wine libraries), chocolatiers, bakers and professional chefs.  While enjoying these beloved cities by foot you will also have a one of a kind experience.

La Dolce Vita Extensions must be reserved 2 weeks in advance by calling our Ciclismo office at 1-800-866-7314.