Sergio Porcellotti

Sergio PorcellottiBorn and raised in the Casentino Valley in the Arezzo region of Tuscany, Sergio Porcellotti began cycling years ago following a motorcycle accident. Deciding to stick to human-powered biking from then on, he discovered what he calls a “new engine and a new world,” exploring the countryside of Tuscany and Italy – particularly the mountains – and sharing this passion with others. Full of energy and enthusiasm, Sergio believes in being 100-percent engaged with every tour and providing wonderful memories for his guests. Although he also enjoys traveling abroad, Sergio particularly loves exploring his homeland. He feels you would have to live 300 years to experience everything Tuscany and Italy in general have to offer.

When not guiding for Ciclismo Classico, Sergio is an architect who works throughout Italy and sometimes internationally. In his free time he loves skiing, racing his road bike as a member of the Arezzo-based BikingTeam, spending time with his family, and exploring towns and new places to discover hidden gems and interesting information to incorporate into his tours. Passionate about cooking, he also loves good wines – particularly those produced in Tuscany and other parts of Italy! Sergio lives with his fiancée and their young daughter, Ginevra, in a house with a beautiful garden just outside the city center of Arezzo.

In Their Own Words

“My passions are life and beauty – nature, people, and the wonderful things they are able to make. I love to hear real-life stories from old people that allow me to imagine a world that doesn’t exist anymore. Everything now is so fast, with no time to really listen!”

“Biking allows you to open your mind to different perspectives on the landscapes and the towns – whether large or small – that you arrive in. It also offers wonderful opportunities to develop relationships with other people on the road.”

“My favorite thing about Ciclismo trips is spending full days with great people, enjoying and sharing experiences. Learning from others and hearing about their lives. Working hard to make things a success and remembering how lucky I am in this short life.”