Massimo Marenco

Massimo MarencoMassimo Marenco has been cycling for the better part of three decades, racing for 10 years, and teaching mountain biking for five. He still remembers his early trips with his BMX up and down the Superga area. As soon as he heard about Ciclismo, Massimo immediately fell in love. He joined the company in 2009 and calls guiding the “perfect job.”

Born near the sea in Genoa, Massimo moved to Torino as a young child and still lives in the area, in a small village called Montaldo. His young daughter lives with him part time, and he says, “Whenever I spend time with her I touch the sky.” He loves his home region for its beautiful natural enviroment, its tranquility, and the opportunities for outdoor recreation – especially mountain biking – and he feels fortunate to be able to raise his daughter in such a gorgeous place.

Although mountain biking in the Torino area continues to hold a special place in Massimo’s heart, one of his favorite cycling destinations on tour is the Alba region of the Piedmont. His goal as a guide is for his guests to return home with a true experience of Italy – and a huge smile!

Off the bike, Massimo is a realtor who operates his own business in Torino. He also runs a mountain biking school and loves any kind of sport including basketball, climbing, diving, and sailing – as well as drinking beer and having a lot of fun!

In Their Own Words

“My favorite thing about Ciclismo is that our guests are always smiling and happy, and they love fun and biking. I really love meeting people from everywhere and making new friends.”

“Cycling is the best way to discover things, to stay in nature, to feel the sensation that nature gives to you.”