Paola Secco

Paola SeccoPaola Secco was born and grew up in the countryside of Turin. After the university she moved to the city for five years. Currently she is often abroad, but when she is not working or traveling, she lives in her lovely hometown.

Paola’s grandma taught her how to ride a bike without the training wheels and she spent her childhood – and more – riding a bike to meet friends or explore the countryside.

After this period, her bike was forgotten in a garage for a long time, almost until she moved to Turin and became an urban cyclist. She hates to be stuck in the traffic and be part of it. For that reason she takes the car only for long distances, especially to reach her beloved mountains. In effect she practices several mountain activities like climbing, mountaineering, ski touring and she is a climbing instructor too. She also discovered the pleasure of bike trip, traveling throughout Ireland and France, alone with her bike and her tent.

Moreover Paola is passionate about food and she is curious about traditional food and food habits of every country. Paola likes cooking too, especially for people she loves.