Ciclismo Guiding Principles

Ciclismo Classico Guiding Principles

Just what sets Ciclismo Classico apart from other tour companies? What inspires our guests to return year after year to host their active vacation, birthday, wedding, or other milestone moment in life? Judging from the many, many letters of appreciation we receive each year, the message is clear: it’s our guides — native, local, and leading with what we call our Ciclismo Guiding Principles.

Bike guide relaxing with guests

#1: Putting You at Ease Right Away

Even in a small group, it’s important to feel at ease with your travel mates right away. Our guides are gregarious hosts, expertly breaking the ice with travelers from all walks of life, all corners of the globe. Before you know it, you’re talking travel memories, gear inches, dog breeds, and wine varietals. Although we offer special trips for families and the occasional “single mingle” tour, all riders are welcome on our trips. Your CC guide gathers everyone around the table to make sure you don’t feel like you’ve gotten off at the wrong planet- after all, it’s the one hometown we all share.

#2: Casa Mia e’ Casa tua

A warm welcome into our guides’ hometowns (and in some cases, even their homes) is a given. But imagine tagging along to their personal favorite haunts like a visiting cousin. Deeply connected with the locals, they’ll lead you to Giovanni in the Reggello gelateria, who scoops a Dolomites-sized serving to our guests. You’ll meet Salvatore, who holds the keys to the ancient mural in Bevagna, tucked away in a barn. There’s Beppe, who always pops up to join us for our last climb to Passo Scalone in Calabria. And Rosella, who knows exactly the kind of panini our guests need to fuel their ride to Le Grotte De Frassasi. Connections with locals- and the desire to share them with you- is what distinguishes a Ciclismo Guide from other tour guides in the field.

#3: Stellar Support, Mile after Mile

Cycling alongside you or tailing you in our support van, your guide is on the spot, making sure you’re on course, your water bottle is full, and you have everything you need for a great day on the road. Mechanical problem? No problem. Our guides have the tools and experience, or the mobile bike van is a crank-turn away.

#4: Expert Coaching to Make You a Better Cyclist

No matter how athletic you are, there’s always room for getting more out of your ride. Our guides are a mixture of expert cyclists, former competitive racers, and experienced distance tourers (and additionally bear many other decorated credentials). They’re delighted to share their knowledge and offer you tips on riding safer, better, and more effectively.

#5: Professional Yet Caring

Starting very early and finishing late, your guide puts in a busy day, making sure everything runs like a well-oiled transmission. They’re professional but innately caring individuals, who delight in showing their homeland in a way you will remember. We carefully select them and foster this surprisingly rare, dual quality.

#6: Stay Connected After Your Tour

If you so desire, you’ll find our Ciclismo guides will enjoy staying in touch with you when you get home. Through Skype, email, Facebook, a blog — or even a personal visit, they’ll clue you in to upcoming events and give you plenty of reasons to return to their homeland. We encourage you to offer them suggestions for how we can make your next Ciclismo vacation even better than your last.

Guide helping with a bike