The Ciclismo Magic

Are you ready to connect with your Inner Italian?

A Ciclismo Classico tour is about experiencing a place with all your senses on high alert;  that means we create every itinerary for its cultural value in addition to its abundant scenic and sensory opportunities.  Ever since the beginning in 1989, Ciclismo Classico set the standard by going behind the scenes with exclusive farm tours, participation in local feasts, cooking demonstrations by local nonna (grandmothers), soccer games with the local kids,  language lessons on every tour and so much more. Most importantly we bring the Italian spark and spunk wherever we go. It’s the Ciclismo Way.

One of the key differences on our tours that sets us apart from the rest is our focus on and immersion into the local culture. Following the serendipitous call of the open road and its educational twists and turns are one of the keys to our success.  We know that on a bike you are super energized and in a peak state to learn and grow and we make sure to whet your cultural curiosity in every way we can.

We also help you relax, unwind and discover the living culture, the slow-paced life of La Piazza, where La Dolce Vita is a frame of mind. As first and foremost the experts in Italian cycling and walking vacations, our tours reflect our Passion for La Dolce Vita and our unparalleled network of friends and family who join us along the way and help make every Ciclismo Tour a highly personal and unique experience.

An important aspect of traveling and fully experiencing a culture involves meeting and interacting with the local people. At Ciclismo Classico we are excited and embrace our role as your cultural liaisons. In addition to better understanding the landscape and rich history of a place, we make sure you return home with fond memories of piazzas, passeggiate (evening strolls) and the warm local people we introduced you to along the way.


To create this immersion and create a truly local experience our expert guides are native and often from the region in which they lead a tour.  Outside of guiding they have interesting careers as teachers, fitness trainers, photographers, jewelers, chefs, craftsmen, vineyard owners, writers or even Venetian gondoliers. They are your window to a new world, their world.   In many cases, you’ll stop for a feast like you’ve never had before.

In this video you can see how our guests not only revel in the inherent joy of biking, but they also experience the culture of the region in Piedmont: The Land of Barolo and Truffles.