Massimo Gianangeli

Massimo discovered Road Cycling in 2013 and since then he tried to make it a pillar of a greener way of life.

Born and raised in Rome, his family used to run restaurants so he followed into their footsteps and started working in the kitchen, spending his free time in the outdoors as a Scout.

As a Chef he worked for Italian firms as well as some famous US Franchises, he made his way up the ladder becoming International Trainer then Restaurant Manager, traveling all around Europe, the US and the Middle East, developing his push for customer satisfaction and love for other cultures.

Few years back one his best friend got him to work as Tour Guide with some NCAA Basketball teams, he enjoyed it a lot, being able to show some inside views of Italy as well as its natural and historical beauties.

With Ciclismo Classico he mixes all these passions and is eager to tell tales about food, history and “peculiar” Italian customs.

When he is not guiding Massimo likes to cook and bar-b-que for his friends, Swing dance and, of course, cycling with his teammates up the hills north of Rome.

“They say that Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I love when I see that Beauty, might that be the Colosseum, the Stelvio Pass or a Medieval town in central Italian countryside, reflecting from the eyes of travelers. Makes me feel lucky being able to share it with others”