Massimo De Laurentiis

Massimo De LaurentiisA man of many talents, Massimo De Laurentiis is an accounting whiz, speaks five languages, has traveled to five of the seven continents, and has lived in both the U.S. and Brazil. Originally from Colledimezzo in Abruzzo, he now lives in Rome – “one of the beautiful cities in the world” – where he enjoys being able to ride his bike year round thanks to the mild winter weather.

Massimo began biking at the age of five but became more serious about the sport in 1990 along with his brother and a friend who was a professional cyclist. He has been guiding for Ciclismo since 2001 and particularly loves riding in his native region of Abruzzo. His favorite tours include Giro d’Italia, Corsica, Sardina, the Dolomites, and the French Alps to the Riviera.

When not guiding, he enjoys riding his bike – of course – as well as horseback riding, skiing, and travel. Something people might not guess about Massimo is that he dreams of being a great drummer.

In Their Own Words

“What I enjoy most about Ciclismo trips is the people I meet and the places we visit. I have met many nice and interesting people in recent years working for CC, and it is always a great pleasure to see them again.”

“The most important thing I hope my guests will remember from their trip is the fun moments we shared together.”