Jacopo Montobbio

Jacopo MontobbioA native of Capriata d’Orba (a stop on our Piedmont tour), Jacopo Montobbio is the youngest (and always smiling) member of the guides team.

Jacopo lived in Piedmont, Liguria, Tuscany and Germany. After a degree in Mechanical Engineering he decided to follow his main passion, working in bike shops and then discovered the world of Active Travel Business with Ciclismo Classico.

When not riding on tour, Jacopo loves to: explore by bike, train or bus, often visiting his parents in Piedmont helping his father in the vineyards. Minimal impact is his lifestyle, together with good food, music, nature and sunshine.


In Their Own Words

“I have two passions: traveling and riding my bikes: These are the reasons why I love my job, it has allowed me to travel around the globe meeting new people and showing them all the places that I know and I love, all of this while riding my bicycle.”