Jacopo Montobbio

Jacopo MontobbioA native of Capriata d’Orba (a stop on the Piedmont tour), Jacopo Montobbio works for Ciclismo Classico as the European Coordinator of Operations, and as a guide. He is the youngest (and always smiling) member of the guides team.

Jacopo lived in Piedmont, in Liguria and in the north of Germany. After a degree in Mechanical Engineer he decided to follow his passion, working at a bike shop in Genova and for Ciclismo Classico during peak season, often guiding tours in Piedmont and Austria & Czech Republic.

Jacopo begun cycling at a really young age. When he was 10, he participated in several races in northern Italy, and also around other parts of the country. He loves cyclist culture and history, so much so that as a child he began hanging posters around his room of cyclist heroes, anyone from past Giro d’Italia and Tour de France, and classics from Belgium.

He loves traveling all over the world, especially in the north of Europe, where he usually spend a few weeks in the winter season, and where he learned German. Jacopo also loves to cook! Vegetarian for several years, he’s always trying new recipes, using vegetables from his garden where he gets fresh food.

When he is not riding, Jacopo travels alone by train or bus, often visiting his parents in Piedmont to help his father work the vineyards, or to take walks in the countryside. In his spare time he also enjoys diving into a great book.

In Their Own Words

“I have two passions: travel and to ride my bike. For these reasons I love my job because it has allowed me to travel around Europe meeting new people and showing them places that I know and love, all while riding my bike.”

“Ciclismo Classico guests are always curious and smiling, they love the Ciclismo philosophy and that makes me really excited to work. My goal every day is to bring a smile to their face!”