Henrick Murphy

Henrick MurphyFrom Killarney in County Kerry, Henrick Murphy moved to Italy in 1998 and lives in the small town of Lavagna on the Ligurian coast, between Portofino and Cinque Terre. He loves the great Italian weather, wonderful food and wine, and beautiful countryside, although his heart still remains 100-percent Irish.

Inspired by a cousin who raced, Henrick has been cycling since the age of five and racing since he was 12. He fell in love with racing at first sight but also enjoys just cruising around beautiful countryside by bicycle and soaking up all the sights at a relaxed, comfortable pace. His goal is for his guests to return home after their Ciclismo experience inspired to continue traveling and discovering the joys of bicycle touring. He encourages and assists Ciclismo travlers to improve their biking technique so that they can enjoy their surroundings even more, and says, “I want our guests to become friends with their bike. That way they have the perfect traveling companion!”

A guide for Ciclismo since 2006, Henrick studied leisure and recreation management before moving to Italy. When not guiding he loves participating in bike races, traveling, snowboarding, and learning as much as possible about his adopted homeland. An avid cook, he worked as a pasta maker for three years and loves trying different recipes and inventing new ones. Naturally, he also enjoys returning home to Ireland to visit with family and friends…and to savor a few pints of Guinness!

Henrick was a fantastic guide: competent, hard-working, knowledgeable, passionate about Italy, funny, good-natured, patient and an excellent teacher. He is a true gem!Debbie, Reno, NV

In Their Own Words

“My bike is my passion, my travel companion, a part of my identity and my world where I feel 100-percent at ease. My bike is like an extension of my body! Biking incorporates all the things I love doing, and gives me the chance to discover new places, meet new people, new cultures, and as a result makes me a more knowledgeable person and inspires me to appreciate even more this great natural resource that we have: two wheels, curiosity, and a world out there just waiting to be discovered!”

“My favorite thing about Ciclismo trips is the people, starting with our guests. Every guest has an incredible story to tell, whether about their profession, where they live, or other trips they have taken. They all have something special to contribute to our groups while we tour some amazing parts of Europe. Also the staff and the many wonderful and helpful people with whom we collaborate in the various hotels, restaurants, and museums along our itineraries. I’ve become friends with many of them and always look forward to meeting them again on future tours.”

“On the Ciclismo itineraries my favorite place to cycle is in Slovenia along the river Soca in the national park of the Triglav. Heaven on Earth! It’s perfect for cycling: almost no traffic, great roads, incredible scenery and natural beauty at its best. It’s also a historical area as it was part of the frontlines in World War I, and you can get a very tangible feeling of being a unique place.”

Henrick did a fantastic job at making a very challenging choice fun – always with a smile and a sense of humor. Richard, Alamo, CA
A great part of the trip. When we return to bike Ireland, we hope Henrick is the lead guide! Lisa, Kirkland, WA