Alessandro Allegro

Alessandro AllegroAlex is a native Italian; since the age of 3 he’s been riding bike, but it was at the age of 15 that the two-wheeled toy became a real passion. Since he was a child, his dream has been to study astronomy.

After different working experience and one year spent in London, Alex returned to his passion in life and met Ciclismo Classico. He’s been working as a bike guide for a very long time, leading more than 120 tour all over Europe and Morocco, where he increased his passion about history and wine. He also had a short career racing, but he still enjoys participating in cyclocross races. He speaks great English, Spanish and French fluently, and always seeks to learn new languages. Alex’s favorite tours are Piedmont, Mallorca and Gran Canaria.

These days Alex spends part of his life in his hometown of Piedmont, Italy among the Gavi vineyards, and part in Spain in the Costa Blanca.

When not guiding, he loves to work in the garden, cooking, hiking and skiing, and of course riding his bikes.

In Their Own Words

“People ask me what I like most about Ciclismo Classico and this job: I’m very proud to share with guests my knowledge about the area we visit and show them the beauty of the different places.”