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4 dreamy restaurants to savor while on bike tour!
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March 23, 2023

4 dreamy restaurants to savor while on bike tour!

An essential ingredient of every Ciclismo Classico tour is stirring your food fantasies and making them come true! We believe that every culinary experience should whet your appetite and peak your curiosity. If you are ready to make a foodie fantasy come true, check out these four bike tours and the “hidden gem” restaurants we enjoy on tour.  We guarantee that everything you eat or drink will simply taste better after miles of riding gorgeous landscapes!  Andiamo!

A Romantic, Family-owned Croatian Restaurant overlooking the Sea.

Boats on waterfront near Croatia's Istrian Peninsula

On our Croatia Bike tour, you’ll discover Europe’s culinary hidden gem: the Istrian Peninsula!  In 8 days we explore different towns and enjoy the leisurely, laid-back vibes of the region. With a cyclist’s hearty appetite, you’ll savor all the local specialties and drinks that your heart desires.

One of our favorite foodie spots located in the old town of Rovinj is the romantic, family-owned La Puntulina. Enjoy spectacular terrace views of the sea while savoring authentic seafood dishes and sipping on a glass of Malvasia!  Explore Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula.

An Innovative Dining experience in a restored Palace.

Two female cyclists enjoying an Italian meal

Our Bike Across Italy is a favorite for many reasons! Just imagine pedaling from the Adriatic to the Mediterranean Sea sampling the distinctive local cuisines of four regions!

One of our favorite restaurants is within the Palazzo Baldassini in Pesaro.  For decades, Lo Scudiero has been considered the most refined restaurant in this ancient city. Set in the revamped former stables of the 1500s palace, Lo Scudiero serves a selection of creative dishes and an impressive wine list. Wine enthusiasts can ask to visit the impressive cellar!

The chef, Daniele Patti, creates a gastronomic journey honoring the traditions of the Marche and Romagna regions. Only the freshest of ingredients are used, including seafood arriving from the nearby Cesenatico fish market. Be sure to try pigeon with seaweed, chestnuts and mushrooms, along with a glass of Verdicchio.  Explore Bike Across Italy.

A Foodie Gem in the Middle of the Castelmezzano Mountains

Castelmezzano, Italy in the Basilicata region at dawn.

On this exclusive Ciclismo Sea-to-Sea tour celebrating four Southern Regions, Ristorante Becco della Civetta has a place in our hearts, thanks to its stunning location in the middle of the Castelmezzano mountains.

The soul of Becco della Civetta is the owner and chef, Antonietta Santoro, who serves dishes inspired by her two muses – her mother and grandmother!  Antonietta uses local herbs, ancient recipes, and rare shapes of pasta!  The wine list is a masterpiece: expect wines from all of Italy, with particular attention to the local pride: the Aglianico. Try any dish made with the local herbs that grow in the mountains around Castelmezzano and your palette will be in heaven.  Explore Bike Across Southern Italy.

Chef Francesco shares the Best of Southern Italian cuisine

Group of bikers in La Puglia

Alberobello is a small Italian town in Southern Italy, famous for its Trulli – white, cone-roofed houses. Biking in Alberobello will make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale, and eating at La Cantina is a foodie’s dream come true!  La Cantina cuisine perfectly embodies the cuisine of the south –hand-made pasta in many shapes, the best vegetables, and savory sauces, all served family-style.

Our favorite treat is the open kitchen and watching owner and Chef, Francesco, preparing the dishes with the precision and attention of a surgeon. The wine list has a wide selection of local wines from the region with a focus on Rosè and Primitivo (red) wines. Our favorite dish at La Cantina is the super classic Cavatelli con Cime di Rapa, a small circular hand-made pasta served with broccoli. You must come and try it! Explore La Bella Puglia.



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