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Top Reasons to Cycle the Italian Dolomites
January 17, 2022

Top Reasons to Cycle the Italian Dolomites

An ancient coral reef turned mountain, the Dolomites provide a breathtaking backdrop to a spectacular cycling tour! Silky smooth roads, views that never end, a unique experience to bond you forever with new (and old) cycling friends.

Biking nirvana awaits on this bicycle trip of a lifetime. Ciclismo Classico has been leading the way here since 1995 and we know all the best roads, lunch stops, and photo ops. For seven days, you will ride through the Italian Alps, featuring legendary climbs that have defined cycling history.  Your cyclist soul will be recharged and your heart will pound happily as you climb and descend some of Italy and Europe’s most famous passes. 

Here are our Top reasons to ride the Italian Dolomites in 2022: 

1. UNESCO winner for Beauty, Culture & Uniqueness.

UNESCO recognized the Dolomites for its special culture, uniqueness, its geological significance, and last but not least, its stunning and timeless beauty. Immerse yourself in the stunning and transformational beauty of the Dolomites.  Enjoy our Top Photos of the Dolomites.

2. Epic Passes, Epic Cycling, Epic Fun!

Ride up and down the Passo Lo Stelvio, the King of all cycling passes. Soar down Passo Sella, Marmolado, Falzarego and zig zag up Mendola, Canazei and Passo Sella. Let’s not forget yummy refugios at the top of each pass, charming hamlets in valleys surrounded by meadows of wildflowers, and optional hikes on the world’s most coveted trails.

3.  Ride the Roads of Cycling Giants & Learn a Few Skills too!

This seven-day bike trip through the mountains of Trentino is a dream for anyone who has followed bicycle racing and would like to try out their own skills on the same passes that Coppi, Bartali, Fignon, Lemond, Indurain, Pantani and so many of the world’s greatest. The tour is a great chance to fine-tune your cycling skills.  Like in all our tours, you will enjoy cycling clinics to help you climb and soar downhill like a pro.

4. Mangia! Italian Cuisine with an Alpine Twist.

Italy is famed for its delicious cuisine. In the Dolomites, that cuisine has a touch of influence from neighboring Austria. Highlights include the best apple strudel you’ll ever taste, blueberry pie, casunziei (ravioli stuffed with spinach or pumpkin), and tris di canederli (a form of dumpling containing cured ham and served in a tasty broth).

5.  Tri-Culture and International Bicycle Bonding.

The Northeastern corner of Italy borders Slovenia, Austria, and Switzerland so you will enjoy the cultural influences through the culture and history of the Trentino region. PLUS a special treat: cyclists from all over the world flock to the Dolomites every summer so at the top of every pass and in the piazza after dinner,  you will experience international bicycling kinship. Expect to be cheered on and greeted in every language and to see bicycling jerseys from around the world. We are all one big cycling family in the Dolomites!

6. We are the Dolomite Experts!

We love these iconic mountains and have been offering bicycle tours in the Dolomites since 1995. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and start planning your Majestic Dolomites adventure!

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