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How Bicycle Travel Transforms Lives: Maurizio Maso’s Story
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September 09, 2019

How Bicycle Travel Transforms Lives: Maurizio Maso’s Story

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We simply asked Ciclismo Classico travelers to share with us just how cycling and bicycle travel has affected or transformed their lives. The stories have been pouring in weekly and many not only touch the heart but inspire beyond words. Here are our fist story in a series of  stories entitled “Transforming Lives.”

Maurizio Maso

maurizio maso

“For me it was about convergence.

I was stressed out with work, trying to raise a family. I was also building our house, eating and sleeping poorly.

Perhaps that had something to do with my cancer diagnosis.

Right after surgery and during the radiation treatment period, my wife brings me Lance Armstrong’s book: “It’s Not About The Bike.” First hint. Shortly after that, an avid cyclist friend invited us to his house for dinner. Next to the dining table his new road bike. So we had to talk about it. Three days later, I visited the local bike shop “just to look” and ended up walking out with a yellow Masi road bike, kit, shoes, helmet, the works. A few days later a Ciclismo Classico catalog mysteriously appeared in our office break room. To this date, I have no idea how it got there. Next, having no idea what I was getting into, I signed up for Ciclismo’s Verona to Salzburg tour.

This was all making sense because my family is from Veneto, so I could visit them after the tour. I should have but I didn’t think much about the terrain. In the end, I survived the climbs and I was totally hooked. My life had changed.

Since then, most times we travel we have active vacations often including cycling, I’ve been able to manage stress. Mind and body are doing much better.

Bicycle travel allows you to see and experience places, learn about different regions and cultures, taste local food, meet locals and in my case also practice my Italian. My Italian has improved so much I can now say: Lauren, che sconto mi fate per il prossimo viaggio? :–)

Ten trips later, with Ciclismo Classico I’ve met wonderful guides and fellow cyclists from different places, some of whom I keep in touch with. We’ve seen places I couldn’t have discovered by myself. Indulged in sinful but guiltless dinners and wine tastings, lost weight and improved my cycling. I’ve been inspired by fellow cyclists, guides, and people we’ve met in different places. We’ve enjoyed breathtaking sights and in my case I’ve been inspired to paint and draw travel sketches.

Bicycle travel is part of living life at its fullest. I highly recommended it.”

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