Washington DC: Hidden in Plain Sight

Discover Forgotten Memorials

Washington D.C. is a city with so many memorials, you are likely to bump into one if you turn left or right. The major memorials and monuments are well known pilgrimage sights, but there are many forgotten, overlooked and lesser known memorials that are still significant, fascinating, and beautiful. If you live in DC, you may have passed some of these historic markers and monuments but never realized it. What better way to cover some ground and discover some new sights around DC than by bike! Join Jeff Miller, the DC Cycling Concierge for a memorable and casual/relaxed pace 3-hour bicycle ride as we check out a wide range of different memorials. The 8- to 10- mile ride includes several stops. We will be riding some city streets, but the route will be on quieter streets, streets with bike lanes, and bike trails, as much as possible. Jeff gets solid 5-star reviews for the engaging way he educates, enlightens and inspires everyone – even long-time DC residents. Sign up today!

Tour Essence:

  • Featured in Washingtonian Magazine’s “Hidden Gems” cover story in 2020
  • Explore some cool and unique sites off the beaten path and discover new parts of DC
  • Discover the original Lincoln Memorial and the amazing back story of its sculptor and location
  • Cool off in a hidden oasis on the Capitol grounds
  • Revel in DC’s largest and most overlooked bronze sculpture set with hidden details that will amaze
  • Enjoy a bit of mist from DC’s most beautiful fountain with a connection to the Statue of Liberty
  • See where Thomas Jefferson proposed to reorient North America’s geographic references
  • Ride up to a sculpture that is likely the most valuable piece of art in the wide open
  • Find the most modest and understated presidential memorial
  • Pedal a bike friendly route with your small group and experienced guide
  • Vistas of the National Mall and major landmarks including the Capitol Building and Washington Memorial
  • Engaging and entertaining discussion with local cyclist and historian Jeff Miller

What to Expect:

Price: $155 per person or $589 for a group of four.   Minimum of four guests / maximum of nine guests.  Private tours available.  Contact us at 800-866-7314
Level:  Easy – casual ride with several stops
Start/End Location:  Navy Memorial (701 Pennsylvania Ave NW), Washington, D.C.
Mileage:  8-10 miles with several stops.
Start/End Date:  Tour is approximately 3 hours.  Private tours with flexible dates and times available.  Contact us at 800-866-7314


Jeff Miller, professional bicycle advocate, bike guide, and historian


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