E-Roads and E-Hybrids are available upon request. The brand and model may vary depending on where and when your tour runs; they all have in common disc brakes, a wide range of gears perfect for each terrain, accessories, a battery of 450 wh (minimum), and an electric motor that will boost your power up to three times, but remember that batteries have a life and our tours are based on the pace of a non-assisted rider.

Please call for availability and pricing.


E-roads, more similar to racing-style bicycles with a drop handlebar, are usually lighter, and have more aerodynamic position, suggested if you are used to a road bike and want to keep up a certain asset on the saddle.


E-Hybrids are more upright, for better comfort of your back. They are a bit heavier and might include a rack and fenders, suggested for a relaxed position.

Additional Information

Available on all European tours. Limited availability.  Call for Pricing.