Bike Fitting & Bike Shipping

Bike Fitting

Bike fit is important for a more enjoyable ride, and your expert guide will make sure your bike is properly set to your body dimensions before the start of your tour, based on information that you provide to us. We offer a variety of bicycle options to suit different riding styles. We’re happy to answer questions to help you choose the bicycle that will serve you best.  Read Ciclismo’s guide on how to measure your bike.

Bike Shipping

While our guests love our Bianchi Bicycles, we understand that you might want to ride your own beloved bike on tours. Here are shipping services to explore:

  •  541-705-2453. We recommend BikeFlights, a bike packing and shipping service used by many professional racers. Guaranteed delivery and lowest shipping rates.
  • 877-323-4083
  • UPS: 800-PICK-UPS
  • FedEx: 800-GO-FEDEX