South America Photography Tours

South America offers rich pickings to travelers eager for adventure whether it’s hiking, cycling or an explorative photo trip. Thousands are drawn to South America every year, and its no surprise since it has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, with its gigantic waterfalls of Iguazu, the intricate ecosystem of the Amazon Rainforest, the expansive stretches of virgin beaches, the glaciers and pristine lakes, and the longest mountain range on the planet: the majestic Andes. Much of this continent is still untouched by development, making it possible to go off the beaten track and be immersed in unspoiled landscape. These landscapes have outlasted millennia of different civilizations, many of which left behind a treasure trove of ruins waiting to be explored.

Essence of South America

  • Explore Northwest Argentina’s most seductive secrets
  • Astounding nature walking in the Galapagos Islands
  • Brazil: Enjoy the bio-geographic mixing bowl of the Pantanal
  • Colombia: Experience adventure, seductive scenery, dance, surreal ecosystems, diverse wildlife, and incredible hospitality
  • Chile: the remote Atacama Desert which is like no other place on earth


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South American Culture

The majority of South Americans (more than 50%) speak Portuguese. However, most South American countries are Spanish-speaking, and nearly all of the continent’s Portuguese speaking residents live in Brazil. Among other languages used by manySouth Americans are: Aymara in Bolivia and Peru.

South American Food & Wine

Midday meals run the gamut from lighter foods such as rice and beans, with or without coconut milk, tamales, panades, (fried maize shells with beans or fish) and meat pies, escabeche (onion soup), chirmole (soup), stew chicken and garnaches (fried tortillas with beans, cheese, and sauce). The main staple, known as gallo pinto (or simply pinto), consists of rice and black beans, which in many households is eaten at all three meals during the day.

Landscape of South America

Outside the Andes, South America has two principal highland areas: the Brazilian Highlands and the Guiana Highlands. Located south of the Amazon River in Brazil, the Brazilian Highlands are made up of low mountains and plateaus rising up to heights of 3,300 feet.

Best Time to Visit South America

November to February (summer), and winter June to August

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