Active Photography Tours

Our award-winning offerings now include photography and wildlife tours for the culturally curious.

Our Travel Vision Journeys are active photo adventures for the culturally curious that immerse, inspire and connect travelers with the world’s most photogenic places. On these exclusive active learning tours led by our expert photographers, you’ll improve and expand your photography skills while you learn about the places and people that you see.  Just as the bicycle connects you physically, slowing down to experience a place through your camera (or iphone) can have a profound and long-lasting impact.

On every photo tour, you’ll increase your visual awareness and learn to intuitively use the eye of the camera to connect, compose and enhance your mindfulness and personal vision. In the spirit of mindful travel, you’ll focus on capturing the essence of moments and places. By embracing serendipity, you’ll savor the fine art of wandering and connect intimately with your natural surroundings. You’ll return home invigorated, inspired and ready to share your visual story with the world.

Unlike any other type of active or educational travel, a photo tour allows us a slow, deep dive into the spirit of a place. As we stroll a windy trail or glide down a river, our tours have a special “focus” on mindful photography.

Photo workshops expand our sensory experience of a place like no other kind of travel. Our travel photography workshops do not pack in all the sites, instead we move more slowly, seeing less things but with greater intimacy and intensity; we call it Mindful Photography. Finally, each tour has partnered with local operators who care and give back to the places we visit through their eco-friendly practices and support of local conservation projects

We guarantee that on our photography tours you’ll be invigorated as we experience special places with new eyes and with all your senses fully tuned in and awake.

From capturing the elusive puma and learning about its behavior up-close to swimming with seals and exotic fish in the Galapagos, these photo tours will expand your photography skills and make you more mindful of your natural surroundings when traveling.

Do you love to travel and learn about beautiful places? Do you love taking pictures but would love to learn more about your camera’s settings & practice those skills in one of the world’s most photogenic & intriguing places? We hope you will consider one of our photography tours.

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