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Southern New Hampshire: The Best Cycling in New England
March 07, 2022

Southern New Hampshire: The Best Cycling in New England

The farther away we travel by bicycle, the better we see places close to home with fresh eyes. That holds true for one of the most beautiful, fascinating and inspiring corners of our North America: The Monadnock region, where our Heart of New Hampshire Bicycle Tour was born. This year we are offering several variations to our exclusive five-day itinerary based out of Keene, the lively and lovely cultural hub of Southern New Hampshire.

Three Seasons of Super Cycling

Join us in the lush spring, the long days of summer or the magical colors of fall and we guarantee that your senses will be treated to stunning mountain vistas, dozens of cool lakes, hilltop bakeries, outdoor bistros and colorful markets. Your culturally curious spirit will delight as we pedal to charming mill towns with layers of geologic, indigenous, and colonial history. Nature is calling and showing up everywhere to greet us – a bear, a bobcat, red foxes or plenty deer may cross the road (of course running away from us)!

Meet Local Artisans, Gourmands & Beekeepers

The Monadnock region is a vibrant and proud community; at every rest stop we introduce you to locals who share their passion for the history, culture, and rich musical traditions. We meet artisans who paint murals, weave and work in ceramics as well as gourmands who roast coffee, make cider, harvest grapes and make speciality chocolates. We’ll taste several varieties of Suzanne’s honey liquor and hear her unique story as to why she brought Slovenia beekeeping to her farmhouse home in Harrisville, NH.

Picture Perfect Pedaling where Nature Rules

In Southern NH, Ciclismo Classico has a unique bike tour for all ages and cycling styles. Imagine diving into a picture perfect landscape, listening to the “musical” rush of the Ashuelot River, gazing at the architectural gems and exploring the intense natural and quiet beauty that defines the southwest corner of New Hampshire. Enjoy the view of it all from the Top of Mount Monadnock, the second most climbed mountain in the world. Join us in Keene, the perfect pedaling and cultural cycling hub for our exclusive Southern NH bicycle tour collection.

Experience New England’s Premier Cycling Hub

There are dozens of reasons to come, ride and enjoy the region’s incredible tradition of art, culture and industry.  We have four unique bicycle tours and eight departures in 2022. Our team of Ciclismo “local” experts have curated a one-of-a-kind travel experience that dives head first into the absolute best of the region. Why not extend your New England experience with a visit to Boston, the Maine Coast or the White Mountains!

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