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Cycling through Southern New Hampshire – A Taste of Tuscany Close to Home!
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October 07, 2020

Cycling through Southern New Hampshire – A Taste of Tuscany Close to Home!

Since Jan and Brent Johnson were not able to travel to Europe this year on their third Ciclismo Classico bike tour, they opted to take two of our brand new Ciclismo Close to Home tours in Natchez Trace and Southern New Hampshire.

Their bike tour with us in Tuscany was their first time in Europe and this was their first time biking in New England. As we were pedaling through open farmland of Southern New Hampshire glowing with fall colors, Brent remarked, “This riding is gorgeous and reminds me of Tuscany.” I could not agree more and asked him and his wife to write a few words about their experience.

Thank you Jan and Brent for sharing your feedback below about our Southern New Hampshire bike tour and Ciclismo Classico!

Southern New Hampshire – charming area you should visit.

My husband and I just completed Ciclismo Classico’s Southern New Hampshire Tour. This was the first time these two Texans had been in New England. Once we left the airport in Boston and drove out of the city, the first thing we noticed was the serenity. Life seemed to settle into a calmer pace as we passed through scenic villages and towns. The land itself seems to be alive. Winding among abundant creeks, lakes, hills, and bright fall leaves, we savored the fresh air—and the lack of urban development.

Besides its natural beauty, the whole area has a historic feel to it. The architecture, monuments, and even the town names reminded us that we were driving around on the land where our great, sprawling nation got its start.

Challenging part of the tour.

Though the roads were mostly nice pavement, some are hard-pack dirt. Honestly, the dirt roads were as smooth as many of the paved ones. I did find cycling up the hills on this tour challenging, longer and steeper than what I’m used to. But no worries; I could always hitch a ride up with Ciclismo’s support van. (Pro tip: If you want to pedal the whole way but aren’t a strong climber, you can request an e-bike.) The hills and hard-packed dirt roads reminded me of the beautiful hills of Tuscany.

Anyway, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on any of the historic, quirky, or just plain gorgeous spots we visited. Lauren Hefferon, Ciclismo’s founder, grew up in the area and knows all the fun experiences to enjoy. And cycling is the perfect way to enjoy the fall foliage colors up close.

Surprising parallels between Tuscany and Southern New Hampshire.

The Southern New Hampshire bike tour felt at times like I was back riding in Tuscany around Gaiole or Radda in Chianti. Lots of rolling, tough but satisfying hills through thick woods interspersed with small open farmland where you can get some amazing views. When you think of Gaiole (Tuscany) you think of the Eroica and gravel roads. Plenty of those also in NH, but these are hard packed, firm grit so it’s easier to ride up, and fabulous to descend on. You can even find a winery or two!

Traveling with Ciclismo Classico.

There’s a special charm to Ciclismo Classico tours. Somehow they always bring a group of strangers together almost like family. This four-day trip was no exception. The guides’ fun attitude rubbed off on everyone and created a relaxing sense of camaraderie. At the same time, their expertise and hands-on assistance built confidence.

From route guidance for phone or bike computer, to van support, to meals and accommodations, Ciclismo Classico makes every tour a true vacation!

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