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Benefits of Traveling During Holidays & Ways to Enjoy Them
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January 01, 2016

Benefits of Traveling During Holidays & Ways to Enjoy Them

Vineyard in Northern Portugal
The New Year will be here in the blink of an eye. Have you already started dreaming about where you’d like to travel in 2016? When you have limited vacation days, combining them with paid holidays makes a lot of sense. Including a paid holiday in your travel time reduces the number of precious vacation days you have to use.
When searching for airfares, check the option for flexible dates. Flying the week before or after a holiday may be less expensive than other times of year, provided you avoid peak dates. And sometimes, great discounts are available for flying on the holiday itself, rather than a day before or after.
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According to Pauline Frommer they are and
For many, holidays can be stressful. Expectations of family and friends, cultural traditions to follow, over-committing your time; all of these things wear on you and defeat the purpose of taking a break from work. It can be liberating to break away from holiday customs and to do something different, something that fills your soul instead of leaving you feeling depleted.
Take New Year’s Eve for example. Instead of overindulging on food and alcohol, you could be enjoying a stimulating, active and healthy vacation, and experiencing how a different culture celebrates the holiday. We have many tours that run over U.S. and Canadian national holidays.
Winter Escape
Winter holidays are the perfect time to travel to warmer climes. Instead of shivering in a parka and boots while shoveling snow, you could be freewheeling along in shorts and a jersey on Spain’s Gran Canaria, part of the Canary Island archipelago off Africa’s northwest coast. What a way to keep your New Year’s fitness resolution!
Spring Breakaway
After a long, gray winter most of us are yearning for a Spring Break. Imagine yourself spending Memorial Day weekend cycling in Italy or France, surrounded by spectacular scenery. Or, for something truly different, how about exploring Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula on the Adriatic Sea?
Declare Your Independence
Commemorate the founding of your country by spending Independence Day or Canada Day in another. Summer is the ideal time for a cycling adventure. Did you know that our Italian Lakes tour runs over the July 4th weekend next year?
Labor of Love
Instead of working on that backyard project, you could spend Labor Day doing something you love. Early September is a great time to travel. The weather is typically balmy in Europe, ideal for experiencing the harvest at its peak (like in Sicily), exploring cities, or cycling to discover the beauty, culture, and tastes of places you’ve dreamed about.
Celebrate Freedom
Honor those who fought for your country’s freedom by exercising your right to travel freely. Spend Veteran’s Day or Canada’s Remembrance Day soldiering on through Chile’s lake and volcano district, on roads that wind through national parks and reserves beneath the towering Andes Mountains. Don’t forget, when it’s autumn in North America it’s almost summer in the southern hemisphere.
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