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5 Reasons to Visit Sardinia
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January 01, 2016

5 Reasons to Visit Sardinia

Savor Sardinia Island from coast
Ciclismo Classico guide Simone Scalas defines himself as a curious person who most enjoys life when he has the opportunity to discover something new, from an unfamiliar author to an unexpected sunset. Simone lives in the seaside village of Pula in southwestern Sardinia, about half an hour from the island’s main city, Cagliari. Tourist brochures describe Sardinia as “almost a continent,” a concept that reflects what Simone loves about his home: its blue seas, wild Mediterranean forests, rugged mountains, culturally diverse people, and an authentic heart that remains undiluted by mass tourism. A bicycle tour guide since 2000, Simone joined Ciclismo in 2005 and loves both the job itself and the wonderful friends he has met along the way. Here are some reasons why Simone is so much in love with Sardinia.
1) The scenery
“The island of Sardinia really looks like a small continent, not just because of its morphology and geology, but also from an ethnic point of view, in fact the locals are very different from one area to another…” – Marcello Serra from his book Sardinia, Almost a Continent
On this tour you’ll discover inland Sardinia with vast pastures, olive groves, vineyards, the brown lands of Sulcis and the relaxed village of Marmilla.
2) No traffic, smooth rides
The island is about 300km long and 200km wide with lots of open space. It’s still possible to live in the great outdoors, to feel alone and at peace, and to be totally immersed in nature. According to many of my guests, Sardinia has super smooth asphalt compared to other places in Europe.
3) Healthy food + fantastic wine = healthy people
From homemade bread using an ancient wheat, to mullet roe from Cabras, to red tuna from Carloforte, to Fiore Sardo cheese from Gavoi… there are so many local foods to taste. Food is natural and can be very sophisticated as we experience in our Michelin star restaurant S’Apposentu. Delizioso!
And the wine…. Wine production began 3,000 years ago, and some researchers suggest we invented wine. Sardinia also has the largest number of indigenous grapes of any region in Italy. On our tour, I”ll take you to my friend Signor Oggianu’s vineyard, a small local producer of Malvasia wine – definitely a unique experience unlike any other!
Once you’re here, you’ll understand why Sardinians live so long. We are one of the seven blue zones of the world!
4) Mysterious and fascinating history
Savor Sardinia is a very historical tour that lets you ride from the Neolithic period, through to Phoenician and Roman times. In Barumini, you’ll learn the life of the people that lived in theNuraghi, the megalithic fortresses that date back over 3,500 years. In Cabras you’ll be amazed by the “Giganti di Monti Prama” statues built in 9th century BC and discovered just 40 years ago.
Watch: Sardinia Brought to Life
5) Real people and traditions
We Sardinians always express our profound and natural hospitality. Whether we are invited to a family home to taste homemade bread, or we enjoy an aperitif in the piazza, you will live life like a true Sardinian on this tour.
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