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5 Reasons An E-Bike On Tour Is Perfect For You
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November 01, 2018

5 Reasons An E-Bike On Tour Is Perfect For You

You’ve dreamed about biking in Italy, but were worried about those long climbs…the famous hills! On an e-bike you will fly up those babies. No kidding. Read on to learn all about the mind-set that is quickly changing around this conversation and the cool benefits of the ever-growing-popular e-bike solution. 

#1 It’s been a tough year.

So here are some scenarios: either you have not had time to train, work has been intense or you’ve had some minor (or major) physical setbacks. It happens. E-bike to the rescue.That extra assistance allows you to pedal, get stronger and enjoy the beautiful benefits of riding along amazing roads. There’s nothing holding you back now!

#2 Riding and traveling with your partner can be challenging.

You cycling partner wants to ride all day but you’re not sure you can. Now you can and possibly even beat him or her up the hills. Woohoo! 

#3 Just wanting to relax and enjoy the scenery?

You’ve done your share of biking in your life. You’ve been there. Done that. Now you just want to enjoy the beautiful landscapes without worrying about being in tip top shape. 

#4 The excuses. We’ve all been there.

Darn those knees. “”I am far too busy and out of shape.”” That’s your self doubt talking. We all know that feeling. You’d love to ride like you used to but life’s circumstances have gotten in the way. Voilà! Your e-bike option to the rescue.


#5 It makes hills easier!

The top of the hill is always the greatest view. You can see the landscape more clearly, and you feel like you truly earned the site. Now you’ll never miss an opportunity to climb to the stunning views that make the effort worth it!

An e-bike tour? How about that?

You fit this profile: A bus or car tour is absolutely out of the question. You must have the wind in your face, a 360 degree view, ample time to stop whenever. You want to enjoy Italy with all your senses. You’re not quite sure if a bike tour is for you, but if you give it a try under the guidance of experts with the ease of some extra horsepower help that an e-bike provides––you certainly won’t regret it.

Aria e-Road 3-4

(The new Bianchi Aria Ebike)


With an e-bike those intimidating Italian hills just got real easy!

An interesting and fun fact:

According to a recent report by the Transport Research Laboratory, regular bikes make it out of the shed fewer than 25 times a year, with 46% being used just once or twice a week. In comparison, 30% of people with electric bikes use them once a day, while a whopping 81% ride them at least once a week. Which means that e-bike users are twice as likely as regular riders to get out there and ride.

Read more about our Ciclismo Classico e-bikes and start planning your next vacation!

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