Bike Across Morocco

Pedal through magical, exotic, and cultured Morocco

Discover a modern Morocco that still cares and displays the rich culture of its past. On the coast, explore the procession of little fishing town after little fishing town with colonial forts in between. In the interior lands, the splendours of the blue city!


  • Discover a new continent that is steeped in rich culture
  • Taste the specialties of the area and try new foods
  • Explore the region that inspired playwrights, novelists, musicians, and movie producers

Trip Details

Single Supplement
9 days / 8 nights
Total Mileage
270-290 miles
Flat to rolling
Start/End Locations
Tangier, Morocco/Fes, Morocco
Trip Dates
10/05/19 - 10/13/19

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The Northern most point of Morocco is the multicultural center for Muslim, Christian and Jewish communities and the foreign immigrants. It’s attracted writer and composer Paul Bowles, playwright Tennessee Williams, the beat writers William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsbergand and Jack Kerouac, the painter Brion Gysin and the music group the Rolling Stones, who all lived in or visited Tangier during different periods of the 20th century.


Fnideq is a little pearl on the Mediterranean coast. The perfect spot to relax after a great ride. The coast road stretches from Fnideq all along the Mediterranean coast to Saïdia in the far east. From Fnideq to Martil there’s a gorgeous coastal ledge road along the beautiful beaches.


Tetouan’s city center is one of the best preserved in Morocco–a Unesco World Heritage site since 1997. Dating back to the 13th century it’s closed on 3 sides and has seven gates. The mellah is the lively Jewish quarter, which really gets hopping after sunset. Everywhere in the city the local people are performing their craftsmanship, like weavers, jewelers, carpet weavers and leather workers.


The beauty of the Chefchaouen’s mountainous surroundings is enhanced by the contrast of the colorful medina–or old town. It is the chief town of the province of the same name, and is noted for its buildings in various shades of blue. It is this beauty and the relaxed atmosphere of the town that makes Chefchaouen very attractive to visitors.


Fes is the Imperial capital city. Home of the Morocco intelligence, Tenneries and the greatest suk in the country. The farsi are from here, and the old city, the world’s largest car-free zone is also an Unesco World Heritage site. The city has been called the “Mecca of the West” and the “Athens of Africa.”


Meknes is one of the four Imperial cities, smaller than Fes and for the last few years has been named the capital city of Morocco. Volubilis is one of the most famous sites in Meknes. It is a site of Roman construction located on a hill where visitors can see the wide, sprawling spread of lovely countryside as well as the remains a once great Roman villa.


Located at approximately 1700 meters above sea level on the Mid Atlas Mountain Range, Ifrane was supposed to be a bit of an outpost; a cool place for colonial families to spend the hot summer months, and it was initially planned according to the “garden city” model of urban design then in vogue. The plan called for chalet-type summer homes in the Alpine style, laid out among gardens and curvy tree-lined streets.


Back to Fes for our final Moroccan feast and final celebration in this lively city.

وداعا (Goodbye)

We will say our goodbyes at 9am!

What's Included

Trip Planning

  • Use of a carbon road bike equipped with a Garmin Edge GPS
  • Wine kitty and Ciclismo kit (bibs and jersey)
  • Group shuttle at the end of the tour

On The Tour

  • Service of two Ciclismo Top Guides throughout the program
  • Van support and luggage handling
  • 3 cultural visits with guides
  • 1 tastings of local specialties
  • 1 transfer (Chefchaouen ->Fes)

Accomodations & Meals

  • All accommodations
  • All breakfasts
  • 2 lunches
  • 7 dinners

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