Spin down the scenic byways of sunny southern Spain.

The countryside of Andalucia is dappled with olive groves and surrounded by charming villages perched high on scenic overlooks. This region is steeped in tradition and history and is an attraction for culture lovers as well as traditional vacationers. From its golden beaches to the high mountain ranges of the Sierra Morena and Sistemas Beticos, Andalucia’s rich landscape and artistry leave a grand impression. The Guadalquivir River, which winds its way through the countryside, once served as an ancient pathway for travel and trade. It was in this land of great tradition where the myths of Don Juan and Carmen were born.

Experience the local culture by practicing Spanish, learning the region’s history, and feasting on succulent food and wines. Andalucia is also a paradise for cyclists. With rolling hills and stunning beauty, it’s the perfect place to lose yourself in the moment and cycle to your heart’s content. Find out why, as you join us on this Ciclismo classic!


  • Discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cordoba and the enchanting town of Antequera
  • Savor the region’s sumptuous cuisine
  • Learn more about the fascinating Flamenco dance
  • Marvel at the unforgettable Andalucia’s sunsets

Trip Details

*Call for 2019 pricing
Single Supplement
9 days / 8 nights
Total Mileage
297 miles
Daily Average
42 miles
Start/End Locations
Trip Dates
10/19/18 - 10/27/18
04/05/19 - 04/13/19
05/10/19 - 05/18/19
09/27/19 - 10/05/19