Pantanal Explorer

​In Search of Elusive Jaguar

Wildlife safari in Brazil
Brazilian bird with black feathers and yellow beak

Once you have a trip confirmed, we will feed you a steady diet of additional pre-departure information that includes: How to train, prepare, pack and all the wonderful, inspirational and practical things you want and need to know before you go! Our Travel Advisors will be available to help plan your pre- and post-tour travel.

  • All activities at Rio Clarinho Lodge will be undertaken on a private basis
  • Water and light snacks in all transfers and excursions
  • All gratuities and local taxes
  • All ground transportation to and from Cuiabá
  • Airport assistance inbound and outbound for connecting flights at GRU airport
  • All accommodations
  • All meals
  • All Safari excursions

Pantaneiros are the local people who were born and live in the Pantanal wetlands. More than native people, the Pantaneiros represents a fascinating traditional culture and lifestyle, which was formed and influenced by different cultures and the peculiar characteristics of such an isolated natural ecosystem as the Pantanal.

Most of our time will be spent experiencing the plethora of animal species in the Pantanal. There is estimated to be about 1 000 bird species, 300 mammals and 9,000 invertebrates, in addition to countless fascinating insects and other species. Some of the very rare and/or endangered animal species include: Marsh Deer, Giant River Otter, Hyacinth Macaw, Crowned Solitary Eagle, Jaguar, Capybara, South American Tapir, Giant Anteater  and the Yacare Caiman



Sep 2-9
From $3,400 PP
TBD Optional Single Supplement
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Confirmed tours are dates that have been selected by us that have a very high probability of reaching the minimum group size for us to run the tour and for you to receive the best Ciclismo Classico experience. These tours are confirmed as much as a year in advance, compared to our regularly scheduled tours which are confirmed around 90 days prior to departure.  When you place your deposit for a confirmed tour, you have the green light to make your pre and post travel plans and even book your flight with our personal guarantee that your tour will run!

Optional Single Supplement

If you are traveling alone, this optional single supplement will guarantee you a room to yourself at each hotel. The cost of a single room is often more than half the price of a shared room, so this additional supplement reflects that increased cost for each night over the course of the trip.

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