The Best of Patagonia

An active photo adventure that captures the landscapes of Los Glaciares National Park and Torres del Paine National Park

Men on the Best of Patagonia tour
Puma in Patagonia, Chile

Once you have a trip confirmed, we will feed you a steady diet of additional pre-departure information that includes: How to train, prepare, pack and all the wonderful, inspirational and practical things you want and need to know before you go! Our Travel Advisors will be available to help plan your pre- and post-tour travel.

  • Private transportation
  • Accident insurance and gratuities at restaurants and hotels
  • Professional Patagonia guides
  • Professional landscape photographer, Ossian Lindholm
  • All activities according to the itinerary, including flora and fauna observation and photography, birdwatching, soft hiking, and more
  • All entrance fees
  • Navigation to Estancia Cristina
  • All accommodations
  • All breakfasts
  • 6 lunches
  • 7 dinners

Patagonia has a rich cultural history that is often overshadowed by its natural marvels. At the EcoCamp Patagonia, we will learn about Patagonia’s original inhabitants, nomadic tribes such as the Kaweskars and Yaghans, as well as the baqueano culture and the history of sheep farming in the region.

Baqueanos are the local versions of cowboys, similar to the gaucho in Argentine Patagonia. Since the 1870s, baqueanos were frontiersmen and trailblazers throughout the vast plains of Patagonia, acting as guides for visitors from Europe, herding sheep and cattle, and even hunting animals like guanacos and ñandus for their skins and feathers. They would also catch and tame wild horses. They are experts in the region, and many baqueanos today also make a living guiding tourists around Torres del Paine on horseback or leading them into the backcountry to see wild horses. EcoCamp is proud to work with local baqueanos in helping our guests discover the wonders of Patagonia and the historic baqueano culture and lifestyle”



Feb 18-26
$1,800 Optional Single Supplement
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Optional Single Supplement

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