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    This information will be provided to the hotels used on your tour.

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  • Medical History

  • Example: "Quintuple Bypass Surgery 6 months ago" or "I take Prilosec." If none, enter "None."
  • Dietary Requirements

    Note about cultural differences: The dinners are abundant (appetizers-entrée-main course-vegetables-dessert) but we often do not eat until 8pm, as is the custom in Europe. Europeans consider salads & veggies as a side dish rather than an entrée, so vegetable and salad portions are usually smaller than they are in North America. The vegetarian/vegan/kosher menu in Europe is less varied than in North American restaurants. European restaurants will often serve an entrée without meat, and will supplement this with a cheese plate or omelet.
  • Example: "No gluten" or "I'm a Pescatarian." If none, enter "None."
  • Bicycle and Jersey Sizing

    Please complete this section to help us ensure that your bike and jersey fit properly. If you'd like to send us more detailed sizing information (such as measurements from your own bike) please email
  • Example: 5'6"
  • Bike Measurement Diagram

    Please note that while this diagram depicts a carbon bike, the measurements also apply to our Bianchi hybrid, E-bikes and tandems.
  • Measurement A: Seat height
    Measurement B: Reach
    Measurement C: Handlebar-to-wheel height

  • Jersey Sizing Chart

  • Helmets are mandatory for all bicycle tours. Guests should bring their own helmets. Please notify your Ciclismo Classico tour consultant should you wish to purchase a new helmet (price € 75, 30-day advance notice required).
  • If you have any other notes or requests you'd like us to know about, please enter them below.