COVID-19 Safety Protocols

In light of COVID-19, our 2022 tours will take all the necessary steps to keep our guests and guides safe and healthy.

For your peace of mind and safety, here’s a list of safety measures we’ve implemented for the foreseeable future.


  • Guide training: All guides that are going out on tour with us go through a COVID-specific training including additional safety measures, mitigation plans, and symptom monitoring.
  • Health Waiver: All guests will be expected to sign a waiver confirming they are in good health on the 1st day of tour before getting on the road. Guides might take their temperature daily and verify their continued good health each day of tour.
  • Daily cleaning: Guides will be frequently wiping down equipment and high-touch points on the vans. They will perform a daily deep cleaning of the van as well.
  • Masks: Guides will be required to wear a mask in the van and when in close proximity to guests. Guests are required to wear masks in the van and in close proximity to other guests. These coverings may include a cotton face mask, a disposable face mask, a bandana or a neck gaiter (Buff style).
  • Hand washing: Hand washing or use of hand sanitizer is expected of guests before they get into the van. Guides will also be washing their hands or using hand sanitizer before entering the van.
  • Social distancing: With a smaller group there will be plenty of room in the van to spread out. Outside the van, 6 feet of social distancing will be maintained by guests and guides when possible. If a tour gets larger than 8 guests, we will add a van as necessary in order to maintain social distancing during shuttles.
  • Routes: Depending on the tour and the group, routes will be altered to help minimize van time.
  • Dinners: If the group is comfortable with outdoor seating at restaurants, we’ll do that! If it feels best for the group to split up and do dinner separately we’ll help get that set up as well. We want you all to feel as comfortable as possible while still having a wonderful tour!
  • Lunches: we’ll be doing either gourmet pre-made picnics from local bakeries or cafes, or the guides will prepare the lunches and serve them, rather than doing them family-style. Guides will wear masks and gloves anytime they handle food, and they all have their food handler’s permits and will have extra training before going back on tour this summer. We have also moved to individually packaged snacks, so there won’t be any communal snack bowls like we would have normally put out in the past.
  • Hotels: Our hotel partners are working hard to keep their guests safe and healthy. They are complying with the CDC and individual state guidelines and have added extra cleaning, nights between reservations where the room stands empty (when possible), training for their employees, and in some cases, restrictions to help maintain social distancing.