World’s Greatest Guides

Our Cycling Wizards Are Experienced, Local, and Above All Fun

What inspires our guests to return year after year and refer their friends to us? Judging from the countless letters of appreciation we receive each year, the most important factor is our exceptional guides. Experienced, professional, and with an unquenchable sense of fun, most were born and raised in the countries where they guide, and those who aren’t natives are long-time residents and local experts. Supremely knowledgeable about their destinations, our guides delight in immersing you in the local culture and introducing you to people, places, and flavors that even many locals have never discovered!

Our guides are outstanding cyclists and superb teachers who are dedicated to helping you ride your very best. They’re also multitalented individuals – sommelier, architect, firefighter, translator, musician, artist, bike and ski instructor, photographer, and mechanic are just some of their roles off the bike – whose wide-ranging experience and tremendous sense of fun enhance every tour they lead.

There’s no end to the ideas our guides conjure up for dopo il giro (after the ride), from gelato strolls to spontaneous serenades to late-night dips in the Mediterranean, or even dancing the tarantella in the local piazza!

Ciclismo guests consistently give our guides the highest ratings on evaluations, and these superb leaders are the number-one reason travelers return to travel with us over and over again.