Group Organizer FAQ

How many people do I have to gather to be eligible for group savings?

You would need a minimum of six people on a scheduled tour plus yourself.

Do you cater to smaller, private groups?

Yes, we do, even for just two people.

I have a small group but I would like a private tour. Is that doable?

Yes, it is. We will close off a scheduled departure just for you, or we can open a new date based on your needs. You will receive a very transparent tiered pricing quote shortly after you have contacted one of our consultants.

May I organize a group and join a scheduled Ciclismo Classico tour that already has people on it?

Yes, definitely, and we encourage you to do so provided the tour you want has space. You need a minimum of 6 people plus yourself to be eligible for the small group savings, however.

What happens if I am not able to get enough people to join?

There are many different scenarios if this is the case, please speak to our travel consultants at 800-866-7314. There is no penalty if you and your group are joining a scheduled departure that is open to the public and you have 6 or fewer people in your group. You are still eligible for credit through our Referral Program.

I am not sure I will have the time to organize a group, but I would love to do it. Can you help?

Yes, we can. In many cases, after the tour organizer(s) signs up, things start rolling very effortlessly. Your group consultant will be there to help you promote your tour.

Do I, the group organizer, take reservations or do you?

We do, but we ask for your help to reach out to your prospective group members. A $600 deposit is needed for each group member to sign up.

I don't see a date that works for us. Can you help?

Call us! We’ll be glad to work around your schedule. 800-866-7314

Can you tell me the difference between a private tour and a Ciclismo Custom tour?

A private tour is a standard Ciclismo Classico tour that we close off just for you and your group. A Ciclismo Custom tour is a tour that is not offered to the public and is designed/customized with a specific destination in mind or around a specific interest.

How do I get started as a group organizer?

Tell us about your group or call us at 800-866-7314.