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Gianfranco Sappa

Gianfranco Sappa got into cycling a decade or so ago as an activity to enjoy with his son. Born in the south Piedmont, he spent more than two decades living near San Remo in Liguria. Now that his two children are grown (the oldest is a ski instructor), Gianfranco lives in Courmayeur in the Valle d’Aosta in northwestern Italy. Surrounded by Europe’s highest mountains, with spectacular views of glaciers and other stunning landscapes, it’s an ideal place for mountain biking as well as for road biking on the scenic country roads.

A Ciclismo guide since 2010, Gianfranco loves sharing his homeland with guests and hopes they will come away with an appreciation for the Italian lifestyle. He particularly enjoys leading advanced tours and takes pride in teaching guests to cycle more efficiently and safely.

When not guiding bike tours, Gianfranco enjoys sailing, diving, mountain biking, reading, and “traveling with curiosity.” Passionate about mountains, he also works as a mountain guide, leading climbing trips, ski tours, and snowshoeing excursions. Gianfranco’s stories from his other life as a mountain guide are always a hit with his Ciclismo guests!

In Their Own Words

“I like to explain the Italian culture to our guests and to make them happy, to give them emotions. And of course, I love to cycle! I especially like to ride in the Alps and in Liguria, Sardegna, and Corsica – mostly close to the sea!”

“My passion outside of work is sailing and traveling with curiosity. It’s possible to ride a bike everywhere in nature, so it’s perfect! In the sea, you can do the same through sailing.”