Mauro Rugiero


Mauro Rugiero, DirectorOur in-house native Italian diplomat and cultural liason, Mauro Rugiero is Ciclismo’s director of finance and VPG (vice president of gastronomy). After earning an Italian law degree in Florence, he joined personal and professional forces with Ciclismo founder Lauren Hefferon, overseeing the company’s finances and Italian operations, as well as overall strategic goals. Mauro’s role at Ciclismo makes good use of his analytical and interpersonal skills. He derives great pleasure from the opportunity to contribute strategically to a the success of Ciclismo trips and the positive working environment within the company.

On the bike, Mauro describes himself as an easy ambler, a “gastronomic cyclist” who loves to stop frequently to talk with local people and try regional specialties – a reflection of his passion for travel and experiencing the cultures and the beauty of the world. A native of Calabria, he is an expert in Italian history and political theory and enjoys provocative conversation. When not working, Mauro enjoys spending time with friends and family, listening to music (especially jazz and R&B), and reading about a variety of topics such as politics, international relations, social studies, and the philosophy of science. He jogs every day and can often be found playing games such as table soccer or ping pong.

In His Own Words

“Traveling by bike is a great way to experience the culture and the beauty of a trip. Cycling activates all your senses directly with the nature and landscape around you. You bike at your own pace with some friends or even alone. You stop easily any time you want to take pictures, to get something in the frequent local villages you go by and interact with locals. In addition you experience so many cultural activities such as visits and tastings at local olive oil, wine, and cheese factories, museums, cooking, language lessons. etc.

“Ciclismo is a pioneer in creating trips, especially in Italian regions previously undiscovered as bike tour destinations. In the delivery of the trip experience what makes the company so special is the passion and expertise of our tour leaders and trip specialists, many of whom have been working with Ciclismo Classico for more than two decades.”